Well, they did! Web hosts today offer more and more models that migrate to the cloud. Why ? Because individuals, but above all companies, need to outsource more and more data to servers dedicated to them and thus allow them sufficient hosting, but also quality and security… above all, as we will see, with the latest innovations in dedicated servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Shared server VS dedicated server

In general, when we talk about servers, we are talking about website hostingIndeed, if you want to have an e-commerce site to sell your products/services or even simply a website for a blog for example, you will be able to create it from a SaaS platform which will then offer you host your website on their server hosting.

Either the hosting is shared, i.e. you share it with other people, or the hosting is reserved for a single customer: it is dedicated.

Hosts that offer dedicated servers

  • Either this server is physical , hosted in a data center and managed by yourself,
  • Or you have access to a web hosting solution in the cloud , which will be managed by the host.

Hosts tend more and more to deploy dedicated servers in a cloud which then give advantages of power and performance unequaled until now.

Dedicated server when it comes to website hosting?

I offer you an infographic to summarize the 6 reasons that will make you switch to a server hosting  if you have not already done so…

Reason 1: Dedicated resources

For the management of your resources stored in the server to go smoothly, you have sufficient disk space that you choose from the ranges offered. Bandwidths in the cloud guarantee unlimited traffic and at &it, they can be expanded with a click from the customer area. In addition, with each Cloud server you have the possibility of having up to 256 IP addresses.

Reason 2: Better security

Indeed, compared to shared hosting, you have no risk since you don’t share anything! So your private network is well secured. You do not risk being “affected” by the weight of traffic from neighboring sites and these servers are maintained by expert technicians who ensure that your hosting is done in the best security conditions.

Reason 3: Better performance

Since your server is 100% dedicated to you, you can use it as you wish, integrate existing infrastructures and make it evolve with your own business. The performance is therefore much better since you decide which changes to make according to your needs.

Reason 4: Improved scalability

Since you have a cloud available, no need to worry about whether you will have enough RAM, disk space for your traffic if you plan to expand your business, grow your site, introduce more products or services to your customers… It’s up to you to decide if you need to make more room for your resources and support the weight of growing traffic with just one click.

Reason 5: Total control

Do you think you need new software, a new application? As we have seen, no problem, since you manage your data volume as you wish

Reason 6: Great for SEO

One or more of your IP addresses belonging only to you and which you manage separately for your needs, this prevents search engines from classifying you as spammers because of duplicates. Whereas in the case where you have a shared server, the risk is real and your SEO suffers seriously.


With at least 500 GB of disk space, dedicated servers are suitable for large companies and large websites that manage large volumes of data and may plan to increase them.