The snow is falling continuously across Columbus County with unprecedented speed and intensities. It is anticipated that at least one to two inches will be falling on Monday and in the next few days too. The weather conditions have led to the Weather Columbus Ohio Snow Emergency and put the region of the United States on the edge of getting worse conditions for the weather.

It is anticipated that the snow will continue to fall for more than twenty-four hours before ceasing in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Winter Emergencies within Ohio

There are numerous counties in Ohio that have issued general warnings and are in an emergency situation in light of the onset of massive snowfalls and the incredibly heavy piles of snow that have accumulated on the roads. In general, there are 3 levels in emergency radios. On the level 1 the roads are likely to be wet and the risk of an accident are high.

It is important to note that the The Weather Columbus Ohio Snow Emergency is currently on one-level radar. The counties of Crawford, Delaware, Guernsey, Marion, Morrow, Perry, Richland, and Washington are also on the Level 1 radar.

At Level 2 the snow begins falling and the roads turn slippery and difficult to drive on. It is recommended when there is no reason to do so, it is not recommended to travel in the radar at level 2. Particularly for drivers, special caution should be taken. As of now, Coshocton is the only county that is on the Level 2 Radar. It is likely and believed by the authorities that they will change the level radar of the Weather Columbus Ohio Snow Emergency in the near future.

On the 3rd level authorities are required to shut down all non-emergency transportation. It is not advisable to drive in such a massive snowfall, which could cause fatalities. At the moment, no county was placed on the radar level 3 however with the constant weather fluctuations at any point in time, levels can be changed.

At present, currently, in Columbus several warnings and advisability have been issued by weather officials and they have requested those traveling on roads not to travel this way. The latest states are listed below.

The current state of Weather Columbus Ohio Snow Emergency

The temperatures dropped to the mid 20s on Sunday and are likely to be in a state of flux on Monday, too. A blast of cold air Sunday evening has triggered the storm to a rapid pace, escalating the weather further. Many are worried about the upcoming Tuesday. According to reports Tuesday is expected to be cold and colder with the temperature rising to the mid-tens range and rising to mid 20s in the afternoon before falling back to the mid tens by evening.


The current situation of Columbus conditions is extremely worrying. There have been a few alerts issued, but they were withdrawn periodically when conditions have improved. The Monday storm could exacerbate the weather Columbus Ohio Snow Emergency. There are some concerns in relation to the emergency radar levels, and this is explained clearly in the previous article.