You may have heard of the upcoming Festival to be held by Las Vegas, United States and about which there’s been numerous discussions over the Internet. There has also been a confirmation of the Festival will feature several of the most popular pop-punk and emo artists of the decade of the 2000s and 2010.

This article will inform you of everything you need to know about the forthcoming Festival. Many people search to find “We Are Your Friends,” however the search results redirect back to “When We Were Young.” We would like to know what we know on We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 in depth.

What exactly is this Festival About?

If you are nostalgic for the old emo tunes from the 2000s to the 2010s decade, you’ll definitely take a trip down memory lane when this festival is scheduled this year.

Many are looking forward to the lineup that includes nearly everyone from the past. They want to know what the tour will be that will bring back memories in the days of.

The Festival will take place in October of this year at Las Vegas. The festival will feature a variety of performers to catch everyone’s interest.

We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 Line-up

If you are nostalgic for all the classic emo tunes from the 2000s to the 2010s years, you’ll surely take a trip down memory lane when this festival is scheduled this year. Are you looking forward to this lineup which features almost all of the artists from that time? It’s a great opportunity to bring back some fond memories to the time of.

The Festival will take place during October and will be held in Las Vegas. There are a lot of artists that are sure to catch everyone’s interest. We Are Your Friends Festival 2022. There are a number of concerns raised by the Festival organizers, including if all this will be possible in just a day. The festival announcement has been met with negative and mixed responses from all over the world. Different generations of people have come up with their own opinions. However, we can anticipate attending next year’s Festival next year.

Ticketing Information

There are three stages in total at the grounds of Las Vegas in October month of the year. Our favorite artists will perform simultaneously. We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 will begin around 11AM. and close at 11 pm. The presale starts on the 21st of January, Friday and registrations are open to all.


With the data we have discovered to date it is a huge event and worth looking at in the coming years here in America. United States. There is a lack of searchability for We Are Your Friends. In addition the event is huge and is talked about by people who attend it. For more information, you can check out this this article (