Does your at-home work flow or recreational internet browsing constantly get interrupted by a poor internet connection? To get the most out of your internet service, you need to enhance internet speed through reliable internet providers. In addition to finding the right internet provider, you can do the following to troubleshoot and boost the quality of your internet speed:

Check Your Router

If your router is old and outdated, it may need to be replaced to enhance your internet’s performance. Type your router’s IP address into a web browser to check for updates or to see when the last update was. If no updates have happened for months, or years, it means your router should be replaced.

Change Your Router’s Position

The location of your router can affect the quality of your internet connection.  It’s possible to experience a slow and spotty Wi-Fi connection if it’s too far from all your electronics. You need to move your router to a better and closer location if you want to see improved performance.

Remove Interference

Large objects, doors, and walls interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Moving your router toward an open space devoid of such can help reduce this type of interference. Put it in an open location with fewer obstructions between the router and your device.

Elevate Your Router

Consider raising your router off the floor or ground if you have it on a desk or table. A higher location can help improve its signal strength to get a faster and more reliable connection.

Place It in a Corner or Against an Outer Wall

Placing your router in a corner or against an outer wall instead of in the middle of the room can help. Radio waves tend to spread out and toward the ground instead of up.

Restart Your Modem and Router

One of the first steps to troubleshoot internet connection problems is to restart your modem and router. Restarting your modem and router helps improve your connection speed, reduce latency issues, and resolve packet loss problems. It also fixes intermittent internet connection problems that you may be experiencing.

Update Your Router’s Firmware

When you first buy a router, the manufacturer updates the firmware to include the latest technology in the product. The manufacturer updates it to accommodate new devices or newer wireless technologies.

Updating the firmware helps speed up your internet connection. The update is a manual or an automatic update. Find out what kind of model you have and its model number by looking at the bottom of the router. Then search for the name of your model on a search engine and find out how to update it manually.

Disconnect Unfamiliar Devices Connected to your Internet

Your neighbors might be connected to your internet without your knowledge. The unknown devices slow down your internet speed by using up extra bandwidth, which will reduce your internet speed.

To prevent such devices from freeloading on your internet connection, you need to do the following:

  • Find out all the devices connected to your network
  • Block unknown devices connected to your network by assigning a new, unique password for your Wi-Fi connection.

After doing this, no one can connect to it without your authorization.

Block Ads

Ads slow down your internet speed. Companies will track your activities online and show you the ads according to your search history. They will bombard you with these ads, slowing your internet speeds. Blocking these ads is pretty simple and easy. Download an ad blocker or find a VPN service provider. A VPN guarantees a high-speed internet connection at affordable rates and features that help block ads.

Reposition Your Antenna

Repositioning your antenna can help you get better internet connectivity. Place the antenna so that it faces the direction of the nearest cell tower. Having an outside antenna can significantly improve your internet speeds.

Try an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are ideal for sharing information because they are not only more secure, but they also tend to be faster than Wi-Fi.

With an ethernet cable, you can expect high-speed internet access without worrying about a slow connection during peak hours. Using an ethernet cable eliminates the need for constant updates that can slow down your internet speed.

Change Internet Providers

Consider switching your internet service provider if you have to wait for ages before loading a simple website. It’s possible to receive a faster, more reliable internet connection by switching providers. You can most likely do it with the same level of service you’re currently paying for.

The Bottom Line

Enhancing your internet is possible by trying all these suggestions. If you’ve tried everything, and you’re still not seeing improvement, it’s time to switch to a different provider. Find internet providers who will not only give you the high speeds you’re looking for, but who will also do it for an affordable price.