Many organizations have been using Microsoft Access Database as their primary database system to create, contain and organize all the data of the company. It is a relational database that helps carry out the workflow efficiently and easily. Unlike larger database systems Access is easy to maintain and is also economical. It is in a way free for many organizations and businesses as it comes included in the Microsoft Office suite or the Office 365 Bundle which is a subscription-based model of the Native Office Suite.

Organizations can also use Microsoft Access Cloud based which is hosted on a cloud server and adds round-the-clock support and the latest security measures to the database. While Access is a great database system, some businesses over time get slowing issues with it. Below are some of the walk through that can help them speed up the database and eventually improve their workflow too. 

Splitting The Database

By nature, Microsoft Access Database saves all the business data and the user interface object in a single location. But according to some developers, if these single files are split into two different locations place A where all the user interface object is stored and place B where all the business data is stored, it will benefit in improving the performance of the database. But businesses should know that doing this will not work for everyone as only some businesses have improved their performance doing so.

Turning Off the Animations

The user interface of the Microsoft Access Database comprises fluid and appealing animations with the help of the hardware acceleration feature present in the Windows OS. Though it looks appealing and smooth, it uses more allocated hardware resources to boost the database interface but in exchange may slow it down. This happens because many businesses don’t have a power system. Businesses can host Microsoft Access Database on a powerful Virtual desktop Cloud and avoid these issues. Businesses should follow the steps mentioned below to improve the database speed.

  1. Press the File Tab from the Menu Bar and open the Access Options Box.
  2. From the panel which has popped up select the Client Setting Option.
  3. Then Select the Display Option.
  4. After Selecting the Display option, they should select and uncheck the Show Animations options to turn off the animations.

Opening the Database in Exclusive Mode

Another option that businesses can follow is to Work with the Microsoft Access Database in the exclusive mode. Doing this will avoid any other user to utilize the Access Database at the same time. As it is only being used at one end, fewer resources would be used and will help boost the overall speed of the database.

  1. Run the Microsoft Access Database Application
  2. Do not Open the Database yet.
  3. Select the Open Tab and choose the Browse Option.
  4. Now select look for the database that needs to be opened.
  5. After selecting the database file, click on the Arrow present on the open button and select Open Exclusive.

As you see, these were some of the steps and tips that organizations and businesses can follow to improve the speed and performance of their Microsoft Access Database. Apps4Rent provides such as GoDaddy Office 365 with round-the-clock support and top-notch security.