If you are going to be running a charity, ensuring that you have a high number of donors is bound to be an ongoing strategy that needs to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you will end up finding yourself in the type of situation in which it is impossible to keep your day to day operations running, and you are bound to end up suffering as a direct result of this fact. Little Phil Therefore, here are some of the ways in which you can keep the donations coming into your charity time after time.

Ensure You Focus on Positive Stories 

It is bound to be the case that when it comes to charities, people respond to the positive stories that you are putting out there into the world. Therefore, you should make sure that you give people something clear that they can hold onto. Inspirational stories of how your charity has helped a cause will encourage people to support you. There are many different ways to tell your stories, but you should certainly use all of the different methods you have out there in front of you, such as the social media channels and your own blog page. 

Keep in Regular Contact with Donors 

Once you have regular donors, you should then be doing everything that you possibly can to stay in touch with them at all times. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation where you are simply not making the most of your current subscribers. Tell them about what you are doing in the world with regular newsletter updates. You can also appeal to them for increased funds based on what you could be doing with them. Why not checkout charities like the database from Water Colour World

Build Up a Strong Brand 

Just because you are running a charity, this does not mean that you should simply be overlooking all of the branding activities that are being undertaken and completed by other entities. Therefore, you still need to think about the details, such as your logo and color scheme to ensure that people will continue responding to what you are putting out there in the way that you would want them to. Ultimately, you can also gain the help and support of a branding agency for charities as they have real experience in this area that can prove to be highly useful.

Offer ‘Perks’ for Subscription 

It is often the case that the bigger charities will gain advantages from offering ‘perks’ to their subscribers that encourage them to take out that subscription. Just think of the animal charities that allow the adoption of specific animals, as well as regular updates, cuddly toys, etc. Think about what it is that your charity could be doing on a similar front. 

All of these methods can be combined in different variations to ensure that your charity is attracting as many new donors as possible and maintaining the donations you currently receive. Not only this, but it should also be in the habit of maximizing what you are getting from your current subscribers.