Phones are expensive, and we are always keen to protect them from any damage. Store-bought cases are functional pieces but are bland and typical. If you want something unique and adorning, you will have to spend thousands. But not everyone can spend so much, right!

Either you can buy a store-bought cover that is easy to get or you can get it customized outside. I like changing my phone covers frequently so some are purchased, some are DIYs and the rest are customized online. Recently I customized Oppo phone Cover Photo that is unique and eye-catchy.

While some people are brave enough to keep their phone naked (without covers), we are all set to skin your phone cases with some DIYs.

1. Marbleize a Transparent Phone Case:

It is a super-easy way to amp your phone case look. For this, you will need a few drops of colorful nail polish in a bowl of water and swirl in. Just dip the case in this water and bingo! Just mix and match colors and create some awesome designs.

2. Glittery Starbucks Case:

Are you a Starbucks fan? Honestly, I love their coffees, and I am a regular customer. We do get coffee cups with the Starbucks logo. Cut them and keep them aside.

Just take any case- plain white or black or any color your like. Apply glue on the back of the cover. Now take glitter particles and sprinkle them all over the case. Remove excess glitter and keep it dry. Later stick the Starbucks logo on the back with the help of gum, and voila!

3. Cross Stitch A Fun Design:

Trust me the design is for you! It will stand you out from the crowd, and you will be the hot gossip in your office. You need vibrant threads. It is best to portray your old-school crafts feel. Use cross-stitching methodology. You know what is best about this- you can craft anything you love. Be it a red heart, nature, trees, flowers, etc. And make lovely patterns out of it. To make this, you will require a cross-stitching case and glue. First, portray your creative design and then paste it on the back of your mobile cover.

4. Washi Tape Bold Patterns:

These phones cases are easy DIYs. They do not run of fashion. We all know geometrical patterns are trending. Washi tapes are inexpensive, easy, and good crafts. Just step into your local store and pick colorful crafts tape. For this, it is always good to check color pallets and then purchase.

5. Artistic Bohemian Artistry:

Hard case with blunt edges makes the phone handy, but when you are using it all day, it’s pain for the hands. The thick and soft cloth tapestry at the back will make your phone comfortable and catchy.

Bohemian clothes are loved due to their unique and great color combinations. Here all you need is a soft Boho cloth piece of just get some Boho-inspired tapes and paste them.

6. Craft Paper can do wonders:

Transparent phone cases are for craft purposes. They are so versatile that you can create anything from them. Customized phone cases are loved by girls being chic. Females often match their phone cases with their dresses. 

You need scrapbook paper, greeting cards, or old wrapping paper. Cut it out and paste it on.

7. Use Graphic Design Printers:

If you are a tech-savvy person, print out your favorite animals or designs for customizing your phone case. If you go through Google, you will find plenty of graphic phone case designers showcasing their gallery. Just download and print it, simple!

8. Paint Chips Designed Case:

Head to the local paint store and get some sample paint swatches. It is the most affordable way to create a mesmerizing phone cover. Paint these colors on a sheet and cut them according to the case size. Cut out the camera hole neatly and paste it into a clear phone case. Voila, you are ready to rock!

9. Pressed Flowers Make a Beautiful Phone Case:

We agree that we have kept flowers in our notebooks and cherished memories. Use them by carefully gluing them to the inner side of the phone case. This way colors of the flowers pop through the transparent case. 

10. Watercolors For Phone Case:

An impactful phone case is something that an artist adorns. Just a few products you need to customize your phone cases and make them creative. Watercolors is a good way or simply use markers. They are easy to handle and create different designs. The impacts of both will be the same. Take a paper sheet, make designs, color them and paste, simple!


We hope our ideas brighten up your day. These methods of phone cover customization are attractive and super cool.Have you tried it yet? Do let us know how easy peasy lemon squeezy it was for you? And which idea do you like the most?