Adding style and utility to your wheels

If you read any comprehensive Chevrolet Equinox review, you will see that, besides being available in various drivetrain options, colors, and spec levels, you can order many accessories for it too. In fact, when you build your Equinox on Chevrolet’s online configurator, you will find that there are more than 70 accessories to choose from. Accessories allow buyers to personalize their vehicles by adding extras that enhance the vehicle’s style and functionality.

The Chevrolet Equinox’s accessories are divided into seven categories, ranging from electronics such as Bluetooth kits and entertainment systems to exterior and interior style accessories. And these are just the accessories available from the factory or dealer. There are thousands of other aftermarket accessories, whether you drive a small city car, crossover SUV, or full-size truck. We are going to have a look at a few of the most popular and useful ones.

Factory Accessories

If you are building a new car on an online configurator, you can personalize your vehicle and customize it to your specific needs, with all the prices of all the accessories automatically added to the car’s MSRP as you tick the boxes. Otherwise, you can enquire at your official dealership about accessories they sell for used models to determine how much you can do to customize your vehicle if you have an older car.

These are just a few examples of the accessories typically available from your dealership:

  • Electronics: Besides optioning up an improved infotainment system or upgraded audio system, some electronic accessories usually available include Bluetooth hands-free car kits, Bluetooth headphones, in-car entertainment systems, dashcams, and charging cables.
  • Cargo management: Some of the available cargo-management accessories include hitch carriers for bicycles, skis, kayaks, canoes, and cargo boxes, as well as roof racks, roof-rack cross rails, and roof cargo boxes.
  • Exterior accessories: Items that improve the vehicle’s appearance include things such as spoilers, license-plate frames, and sill plates. Functional additions include door-edge guards, mudguards and spats, protective body-side moldings, nerf bars, and running boards.
  • Interior accessories: Floor mats, seat covers, coin holders, ashtrays, and first-aid kits are among the items available in this category.
  • Mechanical/electric accessories: Some of these include an engine-block heater for cold climates, jumper cables, a battery charger, and a remote-start kit.
  • Security: These might include items such as a reflective roadside triangle or an alarm/immobilizer system.
  • Trailering accessories: Trailering accessories include normal and dual-length tow hitches, hitch balls, hitch-coupler and hitch-receiver locks, and wiring harnesses.

Whatever you cannot find in-house will surely be available on the aftermarket.

Aftermarket Accessories

Let’s have a look at a few interesting options:

  • Interior ambient lighting kit: Under-dashboard LED strips in various colors are available that you plug into the cigarette lighter. It can be controlled remotely via a handheld control pad to change the lighting to your taste.
  • Pet accessories: Interior cargo-floor covers are available so you can transport your pets in your car. Easy-to-clean hammock-style liners that hang off the front and rear headrests are also available, so your entire back seat is turned into an enclosed area for your pets.
  • Cooler/warmer: You can buy an aftermarket cooler/warmer box that plugs into your cigarette lighter or 12-volt outlet. You can set it to cool or heat drinks or food.
  • Espresso machine: Coffee lovers can get an espresso machine that fits into a cupholder and is powered via a 12-volt socket, preparing one espresso at a time in a minute or two.
  • Camping accessories: Too many to mention, these include inflatable mattresses that fit in your truck’s load bed, hammocks that mount above a truck’s bed, awnings, and rooftop tents.
  • Trash holder: A family can generate a lot of waste and sweets wrappers on a long trip, so a slim-line in-car trash can/bag, complete with a removable liner, cup holders, and mesh pockets will keep all the trash off the floor and seats until you can dispose of it.
  • Performance enhancements: Lots of aftermarket performance accessories are available, from performance air filters and upgraded brake rotors and pads to better wheels and tires.
  • Infotainment: DIN and double-DIN infotainment systems, often Android-based and app-enabled, can be installed, complete with Bluetooth functionality, navigation, and many other features to go with your upgraded audio system or new cellphone mount.

Aftermarket accessories available enable you to:

  • Customize your car and make it totally unique and distinctive
  • Add features that you cannot order from the factory
  • Improve your vehicle’s appearance beyond the factory options available
  • Improve your vehicle’s performance
  • Add newer vehicles’ functionality and technology to an older vehicle
  • Improve your vehicle’s safety features


Accessories allow you to modernize your older vehicle with all manner of infotainment and safety features. Parking sensors, backup cameras, dashcams, and infotainment systems can all be added aftermarket to usefully upgrade your vehicle. Read reviews and do a price comparison on any accessory you consider to determine whether it won’t perhaps be best to buy a cheaper aftermarket item than getting it from the official dealer. You might be surprised how little it can cost to make your vehicle a unique extension of your personal taste and style.