Nowadays, swimming pools have become a necessary home fixture for many people. Some take extra lessons on how to swim better, others install pools on their property. Even after installing them, there are important supplies or items that every pool owner would need to get to add value to the swimming area. Some of these are chemicals, nets, and linens.

Pool supplies are essential materials that make for a wholesome swimming experience. They help to maintain the tub water (the nets and chlorine chemicals), and they also add safety to users (the life ring).

There are several e-commerce stores that sell these supplies so it might be difficult for you to choose right. To help you make an informed choice, let’s discuss some important things to put into consideration when choosing a store.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Store for Pool Supplies

Here are some things to consider when making this choice:

What People Say About the Shop

You wouldn’t be the first person to own a pool and need to get supplies. There are others who have done so in the past so check what they say about the stores you have in mind. These can come in form of reviews or testimonials on the e-commerce website. These experiences from past customers will help you determine whether the shop is reputable or not. 

If you find it hard to trust the reviews from their website, you can always use a third-party review site. This site is not affiliated with any e-commerce firm so you can trust the reviews. However, you need to exercise caution when drawing conclusions about a shop from reviews. If you need help on how to deduce whether a review is genuine or not, read this article.

Consider Price

Price is another factor to consider. You need to know the actual amount the pool items will cost. You can carry out research on different stores and compare the prices with themselves. To do this, go to the catalog of each supply and check the price and note it down for comparison.

Some stores might include shipping fees to the price. Others might not. If you are on a budget and wish to reduce costs, look for a shop that offers free shipping to customers.

Consider Your Pool Size

There are some necessary supplies that you would need to take your pool size into account; an example is a cover to protect it from dirt. If you buy something shorter than its actual dimension, it won’t cover well. 

Consider the Quality of Products

You wouldn’t want to buy pool accessories that wouldn’t last long. Except for the chlorine and other chemicals that have a short-term expiry date, most supplies can last for a long time. If you buy good quality pool filter, it will last for years before getting damaged or needing repairs. Many reputable stores have quality assurance certifications that show proof of quality products. It is only wise to buy from vendors with this certification. If you would like to know what this looks like, check here for more information.

Consider Governmental Rules and Regulations

Your state might require you to follow building codes before any external installation. If you decide to buy a fence to install near your poolside, you need to understand the rules governing such a project. It would be wise to discuss with a professional before making any purchase.

Check Customer Service

Many online shops allow you to reach out to them before making a purchase. When you contact them, notice how the customer representative speaks. Does the representative seem a bit off and persuasive? If so, then do not buy from the vendor. 

If you have any issues with your shipping, the customer representative will be the first person you would reach out to. If they are rude to you now, how worse would it be if you are faced with such problems? Good customer service will give you confidence in the store and the products it sells. 

Consider License and Certifications

Every business must have a license and certification to operate. These things are what make a business legit and reliable. It is not uncommon to find fake online stores claiming to sell a particular product and failing to deliver it. So ensure that you check if the shop is licensed to operate or sell the items.

You can use the better business bureau to check the legitimacy of shops. Even when the e-commerce firm fails to deliver on time, you can place complaints on the better business bureau website and wait for them to take action. 


Choosing a reputable shop for your pool’s accessories is very important. It can affect the quality of the product. Make sure to keep the mentioned factors in mind while you make a choice.