A water-resistant soft shell jacket is a resourceful cloth that gives conservation from drizzle and delivers easement and transfer of air. Tough rainproof skin is used as the outer structure which utilizes to shake water and stop liquid into the jacket.

As men’s soft shell jackets keep warm, elaborate the main purpose “ that it keeps the body warm” thickset materials are used for its manufacturing & padding to keep the body heated during winter seasons. Its fabrics also give a bit of waterproofing ability. In cold weather it can be used for outdoor physical activities.

Properties of Water resistant soft shell jacket and men’s soft shell jacket keep warm

Let’s discuss some main characteristics of water-resistant soft shell jackets and men’s soft-shell jacket for warmth one by one;

Water-resistant soft shell jacket

  • These jackets contain a strong rainproof sheet on the exterior framework, which helps to hold off rain or wetness. It also keeps you dry in a drizzling environment.
  • The water-resistant soft shell jacket is manufactured from elements that give place to fresh air for ventilation and this space can make us feel dry by keeping out the sweat & moisture from the jacket. So you can’t be overheated during outdoor activities.
  • It also has wind-repellent skin which does not allow wind to enter & block the jacket.
  • Its production way is to give privilege during movement. Superficial elements are used during manufacturing to improve mobility during physical activities. It is fit for outdoor work.

Men’s soft shell jacket keeps warm

  • Its main work is to keep the body heated during winter seasons. They used fabricated insulation to keep the body warm or relaxed.
  • Extra thick skin is used during its production for heating the body. Wind-blocked membranes are also fitted inside it. It is also available in variety like having attached hoods and collars.
  • It is a special product for the winter season. It can be used in activities like skiing, snowboarding and hiking, etc. It also gives protection with warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to maintain the water-resistance of my soft shell jacket?

Its water-proofing property can be low with the period, but to maintain its impact by DWR procedure was introduced for soft shell fabrics. This treatment is available in the form of sprays while proper cleaning and storage of it also maintains its water-repellent characteristics.

Common materials used in men’s soft shell jackets for warmth?

In men, soft shell jackets for warmth nylon, polyester and a combination of both are used. These materials give heat to the body and good flexibility.


In conclusion, both jackets have different features. The water-resistant soft shell jacket’s main target is to give security from rain and moisture with additional attributes of ventilation. While in Men’s soft shell jackets for warmth the main priority is to keep the body heated in the winter season. It can be utilized in outdoor activities in cold weather.