Washable face masks Perth Reviews: What if you have to wear a mask every day in public? Do you want to look fashionable and be protected outside the home? Buy an adult reusable anti-odor mask. Wearing a face mask in Australia is compulsory for anyone outside the home.

The authorities have set strict guidelines for all people on the use of face masks. People must follow protocols and wear a face mask when traveling on public transportation, offices, businesses, and other public places.

Perth’s Washable Face Masks are fashionably designed non-medical face masks ideal for protection against airborne pathogens.

What is the Perth Washable Face Mask?

Considering Perth washable face masks, Perth washable face masks are a reusable / washable face mask designed to protect against airborne pathogens. The mask is a universal size that fits snugly around the face and protects the nose.

It is a cotton anti-odor mask designed for non-medical applications, consisting of three layers for maximum protection against pathogens. As it is made of cotton fabric, it is washable and reusable.

It is skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable and designed in Australia. So you can wear it for protection and look stylish at the same time. It fits snugly and never makes the user uncomfortable all day long. The neoprene mask consists of one filter cartridge and is replaceable.

It is recommended to wash the mask once every five days of intensive use. The filter element should be replaced after seven days of use. According to Perth Washable Face Mask Reviews, it is recommended that you wash your face mask by hand.


• Fabric – Cotton fabric

• Type – entry-level non-medical fashionable face mask

• Layers – Three-layer mask

• Sizes – Adults – 22 cm × 14 cm, Children – 13 cm × 10 cm, Disposable adults – 21 cm × 12.5 cm

• Ear loop material – flexible

• Filter – one filter cartridge with each mask and a cotton mask with two filter cartridges

• Cleaning – hand wash every five days

• Filter replacement – once every seven days

Benefits of Perth washable face masks

• Cotton anti-odor mask

• Reusable and washable 3-layer face mask

• Skin-friendly material, comfortable and breathable

• Lots of washable Perth face masks. Reviews available from verified customers

• No pain or discomfort when worn for long periods

• Elastic earloops for a comfortable fit

• Replaceable filter inserts

• The mask is easy to clean with your hands

Cons of Perth washable face masks

• The face mask transport time is longer

• A bit expensive than other cotton face masks

• Non-medical mask

• Not suitable for protection against infections and bacteria

Are washable face masks a Perth Legit or a Scam?

Based on the feedback from verified customers on the seller’s website, the face mask appears legitimate and not a scam. Most of the users shared positive reviews about the face mask and we found no reason to consider it a scam.

However, apart from the prices and delays in delivery, there are no other problems with the quality of the mask. So you will find the most reviews online. The face mask comes with a size chart that you should check before purchasing a face mask.

Perth Washable Face Masks Customer Reviews

The washable face mask has collected great reviews and customer feedback. On the Internet, you will find a lot of thoughts that have been shared by verified customers. According to research, the mask is quite stylish and comfortable to wear. There is no problem with suffocation when worn for a long time. It is comfortable and fits well on the face. Provides full coverage of the nose and mouth and prevents airborne pathogens from infecting you.

In addition to the positive reviews, there are also a few negative reviews for Perth washable face masks from customers who say the product is quite expensive than other cotton fabric masks and takes longer to deliver.

Apart from these issues, no other face mask disadvantages were found by users.


Perth Washable Face Masks is a reusable non-medical cotton face mask that is both protective and fashionable. The mask has filter cartridges and can be washed by hand. In addition, the face mask has ear loops that fit comfortably over the face and mouth and provide protection against airborne pathogens.

By wearing the face mask you will never feel suffocated so you can wear it for longer hours. However, some customers shared their experiences. They said it takes longer to ship and is quite expensive than other cotton face masks. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully research and review all customer reviews before purchasing.

Have you used this face mask? If you are a current mask user, please share your experiences or reviews of Perth washable face masks in the reader comments section.