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Arlana is from the United States and her sudden passing has shocked her friends and family. Many people are asking how did Arlana Miller die . You can read the entire article about her death to learn more.

Arlana M. Miller

Arlana Janell was a graduate of Texas A&M University and Southern University. She was a Baton Rouge native. As she left a long suicide message, it is likely that she committed suicide. This note was posted on her Instagram. This information isn’t verified and it has not been announced. It is not known what the exact cause of her suicide was. It is currently being reported that it was suicide. The cause of her death remains unknown. Arlana Miller Southern University family and friends are in mourning.

More information aboutArlana Miller

Arlana was also known as lanaawana. Dria derricho posted a Facebook message announcing her passing. An unexpected death has caused shock among the public. She was a Southern University cheerleader. She wrote a long suicide note. In her note, she expressed her gratitude for those who stood beside her.

A growing number of suicides has raised serious concerns. Many people overlook the importance health. Arlana might have been the same.

How Did Arlana Miller Die?

Arlana died on March 7, 2013. It is not known what caused her death. In her suicide note she said that her closest friends believed her to be fine but she was not. She struggled a lot on her own, and did not share her feelings with anyone. She encouraged other people to feel the same and to let others know. She thanked Arlana because she tried to make her smile every day.

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She lost her connection and became a victim of the devil. She had worked her entire life to please everyone. She also asked for forgiveness from people who had let them down, knowingly or not.

The heartbreaking suicide note of her mother brought tears to our eyes. This type of event is very unfortunate. People are often struggling in secret. All people should be kind to others. Remember, we don’t know what’s going on in the lives of others.


Arlana’s tragic death was very untimely. People are interested in finding out How did Arlana die. Her poignant suicide note describes her pain. Many times, people suffer in secret and don’t let others know.