The CBD market changes so rapidly from day to day that those who can stay updated stand to profit significantly from their knowledge. If you are always one step ahead of your friends when it comes to the latest CBD products, then a CBD affiliate program might be your ticket to an excellent source of ancillary income. But what is a CBD affiliate program, you ask?

A CBD affiliate program works when one website pays a second website for the traffic (or potential customers) that it has provided. Often the remuneration is as a percentage of sales due to traffic steered from the affiliated website. The resulting commissions, sometimes up to 25%, can be a fantastic source of extra income.

Of course, there is much more to CBD affiliate programs. One must consider many different factors before choosing which program they’ll join. Considerations can include existing brand awareness, compatibility, terms, and (most importantly!) how entering one can help put cash in your pocket.

CBD has many health benefits and can even be used to give you comfort from natural body responses like period pain, discomfort, and so on. Create Better Days can help you have a gentler time each month and can also be a strong affiliate potential period.

Blue Dream

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What is a CBD Affiliate Program?

CBD affiliate programs exist in much the same way that they have for various other industries for years. They typically work by providing a commission on sales for affiliate marketers. This practice has been undertaken for years, and in this case, it usually happens between websites. But that doesn’t mean that other web presences can’t be helpful as well.

Some affiliate programs may allow for sales leads generated through the use of social media. This means your existing Facebook and Instagram audience can be leveraged, giving the savvy a big head start! And if your affiliate program allows for such interactions, your earnings potential from social media platforms alone is nearly limitless.

Tips on Choosing the Right CBD Affiliate Program

  • Strong reputation: An existing customer base is an affiliate marketer’s dream scenario, as this can lead to positive word of mouth and an active user base that seeks out you and your CBD-related content!
  • Good income potential: With so many potential CBD affiliate programs out there, keeping the terms straight can be mind-boggling. What counts as a final sale can change dramatically from one program to the next. Therefore, straightforward terms and understanding one’s goals can make all the difference monetarily.
  • Low risk: As a rule, you shouldn’t be out much more than your time and opportunity if you find that an affiliate program isn’t for you. If it doesn’t work out, it could be for several reasons, but that doesn’t mean a future CBD affiliate program might not offer different results!

CBD Affiliate Program Recommendations for 2022

Now that you know a little more about choosing a CBD affiliate program, let’s take some time to look at a few of our favorites. Each of the programs below comes highly recommended for many reasons. The least is their high-quality products and the esteem that their reputation already enjoys within the CBD industry. 

Choosing what affiliate program to join can be a taxing situation, so we recommend starting your search with one of the candidates we’ve highlighted below.

Joy Organics — CBD Supplier, Marketer, and Brand

When it comes to CBD affiliate programs, a lot will rest on the brand’s reputation that you decide to join. This is why Joy Organics can be so thoroughly recommended, as the company is one of the CBD industry’s preeminent leaders.

This reputation is well deserved, as Joy Organics provides various services that reinforce the essential competency- a wide range of excellent, certified-organic CBD products. 

What you’ll like: The commission that Joy Organics offers is 25%, with bonuses available along with lifetime commissions. 

Something to consider: Joining Joy Organics is as easy as 1-2-3, as applicants must simply register with Shareasale, apply to the Joy Organics program, and be approved after a quick review. Simply share a personalized affiliate link to start earning commissions.

Savage CBD – CBD Brand

Another brand that offers an affiliate program is Savage CBD. In addition to wholesale services, the brand has a full range of CBD products, from tinctures and creams to gummies and CBD for pets, that it also sells to consumers. All sales will need to be verified as completed, with no returns, to be counted as valid and eligible to receive a base commission rate of 35%.

What you’ll like: Many may appreciate the company’s aggressive branding choices, though of course, this comes down to personal preference. It still may factor in your affiliate marketing choice.

Something to consider: Commissions are paid every 30 days and will not include sales made within the previous seven days of payment. Sitewide sales can affect the commission percentage!

Charlotte’s Web – Affiliate Program

One of the better-known CBD brands around, Charlotte’s Web, offers an affiliate program with up to 15% commission on all products bought through your affiliate website or social media. Charlotte’s Web holds its affiliates to the same guidelines that it uses for its marketing practices.

What you’ll like: To make money on social media, you simply have to spread the word about your favorite CBD products to your existing friend group—any sales that happen to be generated, you might get a piece of!

Something to consider: The commission is not as generous as others offered through different CBD affiliate programs.

We’re Always Here to Help!

In review, CBD affiliate programs are a great way to potentially add additional revenue streams into your financial portfolio, all by simply spreading the word about CBD products you love that you know could help others as well. We hope that the above tips and tricks prove helpful to anyone who wants to give an affiliate CBD program a try. 

Have more questions about CBD affiliate programs? We recommend checking out the above programs first—still looking for answers? Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns you may have.