Practical, comfortable, secure, the electric bicycle is conquering our country. Discover its strengths and how to choose yours!

In our country, the share of cycling in our daily journeys does not exceed 3%. Very far from the Dutch who reach 29%. If the use of the bicycle in our country remains marginal, this means of transport is developing. Free-floating bike bar, new services are emerging to meet the needs of users. Various models have been developed to meet everyone’s needs: cargo bikes, folding bikes, speed bikes, electric bikes, etc.

Very practical in town, an ebike avoids wasting countless time in traffic jams. The electric bicycle is also equipped with a motor and a battery which offer a welcome aid in the efforts. All you do then is accompany the pedaling movement.

How to choose your electric bike?

Are you looking for an electric bike? Discover the main criteria to make your choice. and you can check some better models of Wisper Electric Bikes here.

The motor on the wheel or on the crankset?

The positioning of the motor – on a crankset or in a wheel – plays on the sensation felt by the user. Electric bicycles sold for less than $ 2,000 have, for the most part, a motor in the wheel. It is easier to install and therefore less expensive. You won’t feel a difference in power between pedal strokes. But a lack of grip can occur on certain terrains (gravel, sand, ice, etc.). This system is therefore more suitable in town. The motor located in the crankset is often preferred by those looking for sensations close to a classic bike, because it is more balanced.

City bike, hybrid bike or mountain bike?

Most e-bikes are city bikes, with an upright stance and tall, tight handlebars. You can also buy a VTC. You will then be slightly more leaning. You will lose comfort, but gain driving pleasure. These 2 models are suitable for daily travel on the road. These bikes are designed to receive many accessories such as baskets, saddlebags, anti-theft wheel locks, mirrors, etc. If you want to use your electric bike for sports use, move more towards lighter bikes without accessories, preferring more rigid models with thin tires or mountain bikes. You can find many different types of ebikes in the market and in fact this is a business opportunity if you ever intend to open your own ebike business. There are many segments you can target, and wholesale electric bikes are available for those of you who will start your new ebike business without spending too much money.

All or nothing or proportional assistance?

Equipped with so-called “all or nothing” assistance, your bike has a sensor that detects pedaling movement. The engine then starts. The engine operates at a constant level. However, it can be adjusted according to the driving modes offered (eco, medium, power). The proportional assistance works thanks to sensors measuring the pressure exerted on the pedals. The bike then understands the level of difficulty of the route you are following and adjusts itself independently. This system helps to limit energy consumption. It is limited to high end bikes.

Gear shifting by derailleur or integrated?

Changing gears with a derailleur helps maintain a constant pace. More pleasant, this solution is suitable for so-called “sporty” driving. The integrated gear shift has many advantages if you use your e-bike in the city. You can change gears even without pedaling, you reduce any risk of derailment and you maintain your chain less regularly thanks to more protection.

Choose a 11 Ah battery

The larger the battery capacity, the more battery life you will enjoy. Manufacturers generally offer batteries with a capacity of 11Ah for daily urban journeys. With a lower power battery, you may have to recharge it more often because of its poorer autonomy.

Prefer electric bikes with starting or walking assistance

On some models, 6km / h non-pedaling assistance is provided. This bonus allows you to start effortlessly in small hills.

Make sure you have an integrated console or display

Clipped on the handlebars, this accessory allows you to check the level of assistance, the state of charge of the battery and your speed. Some models display the number of kilometers traveled and the number of kilometers you can still cover with your battery. Several consoles control the switching on of your headlights.

Choose a suitable frame

If you’re carrying a child in the back, choose a bike with a gooseneck frame. With a bicycle with a central bar, you risk hitting your child when passing the leg to get on the bicycle.

Why choose an electrically assisted bicycle?

Whether it is to indulge in a moment of relaxation, to participate in the protection of the environment or to practice a sporting activity gently, there are many reasons to choose the electric bicycle for your trips. Finally, the electric bicycle allows you to move around effortlessly. You will climb hills without any difficulty. Your heart rate will remain almost the same as that of a walker. The wind, the summer heat and the interminable height differences will be nothing but bad memories.