The normal booklet type brochures are a thing of the past. These days you need some modern marketing material pretty much like a brochure but that has some uniqueness in it.

How about giving a surprise to your potential customers by gifting them some unique folding type brochures or gate folding brochures?

We have got you some unique ideas on which you can work upon and make certain changes and make your marketing material more unique.

Check out a z fold card or a gate folding leaflet style type of handout material and their benefits.

We believe that making certain tweaks in your marketing material may involve the focus or concentration of your potential customers and clients into buying your brand.

Why need a customized handout material?

Even in the days when the companies are increasingly looking to digitize their sales and marketing procedure, there is still a wide room for physical advertisement.

You cannot deny the fact that even in the days of funneling ads, social media marketing campaigns, or online branding techniques physical handout material does have a unique place in itself.

And this is why you need to approach companies like VC Print to help you print your physical handout marketing materials to the targeted customer segment.

Only the best companies can help you with such unique designs on your brochures and leaflets and make them catchy to the eyes of the customer.

What are the latest unique designs in the handout materials?

Now you must be wondering about what are the unique designs in the marketing handout materials that are possible. We have already spoken about the z type foldable cards which can be opened up in a Z-type segmented fashion and folded back again.

There is one more custom brochure or leaflet design that you can check out. And that is the gate fold leaflet.

The gate foldable leaflet has its top over open like a gate and that is why the name.

Why are these types of marketing materials becoming popular today?

Make a statement for your brand in the minds of the customer

The reason why these customized types of marketing materials are gaining an upper hand over the traditional style brochure looks and the style statement it brings towards with it.

Remember that there is a reason for such customized designs on the marketing materials today for example a gate fold leaflet.

This can help increase the brand value of your organization in the minds of the customer. These marketing handout materials should also have a unique design and graphics which overall increases the branding or notional value in the customer’s minds and this makes you stand above all.

Various types of textures and graphic designs possible

The other reason why customized marketing materials such as a Z fold card are getting popularized these days is that there are unique types of finishing or textures and creative graphic designs that are possible using advanced software and print out methods.

You can go with various finishes such as a smooth glossy style finish or a matty style finish.

There are various types of high category paper that you can choose from such as uncoated recycled paper, matt coated paper, glossy paper.

You can also use foils to increase the attraction of the customer. There are also some other types of uniquely advanced printing techniques adapted by the reputed companies like VC Print that enable you to achieve spot UV that creates a contrasting finish to your cards, folding cards, and leaflets. The techniques give them a contrasting look.

Check out the various designs and textures to choose from for your company.