Are you not happy with your electronic products? Are you looking for an online place to buy electronic products? If yes, is the place for all your requirements.

The site boasts a collection of electronic products for all computer-related requirements. The webpage also has many brands registered on the webpage.

The products displayed on the webpage look great and are giving a free delivery above 200$. Also, there are reviews of the customer available on the webpage itself for reference purposes.

The webpage is offering its services in the United States. This content will discuss on the webpage. It is required to read the article to understand the webpage and know many things about Walnut Trading Reviews for a clear picture of the webpage.

What is

It is an online webpage selling all computer related products for the end-user. The webpage has a collection of products like Gaming consoles, monitors, DSLR cameras, laptops for every interested user.

The name sounds something different from what it should be; it is a unique name for computer-related products called walnut trading.

The company offers customer support 24 X 7 for any issue related to the products and a 30 days return policy to return any product you don’t want any further.

There are many things to discuss on the webpage. Keep reading till the very end to know about the webpage and know the Walnut Trading Reviews.

Specification of

•           Type of webpage: An online webpage offering a collection of products related to computer and its accessories

•           Mode of payments: Visa, PayPal, American Express, maestro, be smart

•           Shipping duration: 3 – 6 business days

•           Shipping rates: Free standard shipping service

•           Cancellation of order: 30 days cash pay guarantee

•           Company physical address: Sand Canyon Ave, 15642, Irvine, #54251, CA 92619, United States

•           Company Contact Number: (818) 850 0613

•           Company email address: [email protected]

Pros of shopping from

•           The quality products displayed on the webpage

•           Customer reviews got shared on the webpage for reference.

Cons of shopping from

•           Walnut Trading Reviews are negative

•           Nothing is present on the social webpage for reference.

•           There are no secondary reviews available for the webpage.

•           The domain age of only fifty-nine days makes it vulnerable

•           The products are pretty expensive on the webpage

•           There are issues with links on the webpage.

•           The brand link does not have any products to display

•           Free shipping is not possible for any product as it is costly.

Is Walnut Trading Legit?

After studying webpage in depth and other crucial links, the webpage is not legitimate. The quality SSL proof and domain age of fifty-nine days only, no social links on the webpage, and no presence in social media make the webpage vulnerable for any interested new user.

For any webpage to be called a legitimate webpage, it should have a domain age of a minimum of half an year or more.

The webpage does not have correctly created as the links do not have products to display under them.

Interested buyers have to make their own reserch before doing any transaction.

What are Walnut Trading Reviews?

There are many things to talk about the webpage as it is very suspicious. The SSL certificate, domain age of fifty-nine days make it vulnerable. There are no social links present on the webpage. The webpage does not have any social media presence online for any interested customer to reviews the webpage.

Also, the name of the webpage is different than the products offered on the webpage. The webpage name talks about trading, and the products shown on the webpage are computer related.

The products are pretty expensive for any new user looking to buy the products. To answer the question – Is Walnut Trading Legit or not? The webpage is not a legit and trustable webpage for any user.

Final verdict

After careful analysis, we understand the SSL certificate, URL age of fifty-nine days, no popularity presence or links. The webpage is more suspicious and a scam. 

Any webpage to get called a legit webpage must have a domain age of more than six months. But this webpage does not fulfill these criteria, and no social links make the webpage not trustable.

Anyone who is interested should go for the research and look for Walnut Trading Reviews to clarify the webpage’s online presence.