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Now and then, one has to keep in touch with their religious side.

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God Ganesha is considered to be the bearer of happiness and joyfulness. He is also said to provide intelligence and wisdom to the person praying. 

Furthermore, it is also believed that keeping a picture of God Ganesha with you in the home can help prevent “Vastu dosh” (Defect in the construction). 

There are thirty-two forms of Lord Ganesha exists, namely Bal Ganesh, Bhakti Ganesh, Taruna Ganpati, Dvija Ganesh, Vighna Ganpati, Lakshmi Ganesh, Kshipra Prasad Ganesh, Maha Ganesh, Nritya Ganesh, Ekakshara Ganesh, Haridra Ganesh, Ekdanta Ganesh, Uddanda Ganesh, Rin Mochan Ganesh, Dwi Mukhi Ganesh, Trimukh Ganesh, Sinha Ganesh, Yoga Ganesh, Durga Ganesh, Sankathara Ganesh, Dhundhi Ganesh, Srishti Ganesh, Tryakshara Ganesh, Varada Ganesha, Urdhhva Ganesh, Vijaya Ganesh, Heramba Ganesh, Kshipra Ganesh, Siddhi Ganesh, Vira Ganesh. 

All of these forms have their respective meaning and belief. 

You can place the picture anywhere in your house, but keeping it in the entry door, kitchen, or a specific worship place is considered the most appropriate. 

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