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Today we will tell you about an online store that sells dog shoes on it. This store is in great demand from residents of countries such as the United States and Canada.

Dog shoes are extremely useful and beneficial as they protect your dog’s paws and limbs from harmful environmental germs, cold and heat, etc. They are easy to put on and take off. In addition, the main goal of the Walkee Paws store is to provide end-users with a high-quality product and build customer trust.

But is Walkee Paws legal? Let’s start to find out more about it.

What is Walkee Paws?

Walkee Paws is an e-commerce website founded on March 2, 2016. The store sells dog shoes that keep your dog’s feet clean and tidy. According to your veterinarian, dog shoes are highly recommended. They protect dogs from many environmental hazards such as glass, pesticides, fox tails, germs, chemicals that melt snow, feces and other urine germs, etc. In addition, these dog shoes protect your dog’s limbs from heat and cold.

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These shoes are easy to care for as they are machine washable. It is made of the most comfortable material and has an adjustable back.

Detailed information about the product can be found on the website, and in the store there are indoor leggings for internal use. These home use leggings are comfortable and keep your dog from slipping over smooth and slippery surfaces.

You will also find some other products for your pets on the website, such as rubber repair patches, leashes, harnesses, coats and inner socks, etc.

About the size and the appropriate category, you can learn how to measure sizes correctly.

To learn more, read the end of these Walkee Paws reviews.

What are the specifications of Walkee paws?

• Link to the website – https://walkeepaws.com/

• Domain creation date-2/03/2016

• Offer – dog shoes, coats, leggings, etc.

• Office Address – 215 W 88th street Apt 6FG, New York, NY, 10024, United States

• Helpline number – (301) 892-5533

[email protected]

• Shipping costs – Free shipping on orders over $ 60

• Delivery time – 4-8 business days

• Newsletter available

• Return or Exchange – within 30 business days

• Refund within 14 business days

• Warranty / Guarantee – not available

• Payment method – American Express, DISCOVER, Mastercard, PayPal, JCB, Diners Club, etc.

• Order Tracking – Not Specified

• Order history – not specified

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What are the advantages of buying from Walkee Paws?

• Holds a wide variety of leggings, dog boots and shoes etc.

• For details of the products, please visit the website.

• Provided his full contact details in his address, contact number and e-mail address.

• You can easily return it within 30 business days of receiving the item if it is found not to your satisfaction.

• You can get your money back within 14 business days.

• Has an active existence on social media.

• The site is over four years old.

• You can also pre-order some of its items.

• Has a good confidence score of 86%.

• Products are available on legal portals.

What are the disadvantages of buying from Walkee Paws?

• Has received mixed customer reviews.

• Some customers are disappointed with the delayed delivery service.

Is Walkee Paws legal?

Walkee Paws is an online website with a wide range of pet accessories such as shoes, leggings, coats, leashes, reversible suspenders and inner socks, etc. In addition, you will find high quality products in the store as customer satisfaction is the main theme. Buyers can get many additional benefits in the store, such as 30 days return policy, measurement guide, detailed product description, etc.

Accordingly, we declare that this shop is legal for all the reasons mentioned above in the benefits section.

What are Walkee Paws Buyer Reviews?

We found a lot of customer reviews on its official website, e-commerce portals and on Facebook. In retrospect, we have found mixed customer reviews from the web where some people have posted negative reviews, for example they didn’t receive the delivery or the size is incorrect. Some also argue that the products are poorly made and not durable. Moreover, they also have concerns about size.

At the same time, the site gained positive feedback from its buyers who said it was a great deal and the products help their dog from colds, germs etc and people recommend it.


All in all, Walkee Paws is a legit store, but we recommend that you check everything from the end before ordering and go through all customer reviews to better understand the products and services on the website.

What are your opinions about the store and its offer? Please post your response in the comments section of these Walkee Paws reviews.