The state government has released a new set of WA masking rules for people living in the Perth, Peel, and Southwest Australia regions. A new direction signed by the Police Commissioner WA mandates people to wear a mask every time they are outside or using public transport.

This order is unclear in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and as a public health measure.

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What are the new WA mask rules?

With the pandemic going on, the WA state government has issued a new set of mask rules. These rules apply to people wearing the mask outside the home and when using public transport.

The new law was signed by Police Commissioner WA Chris Dawson, who in his report highlighted the compulsion to wear a mask every time he is outside. However, people do not need to wear a bonnet when using a private vehicle for a single passenger.

Besides, people living in Western Australia will have some freedom in covering their face.

A look at the new rules

Below is an overview of the WA mask rules which are as follows:

• A healthy citizen cannot share masks with others.

• Scarves and scarves are not suitable for use.

• Wearers must tie a scarf or headscarf around their face when visiting a warehouse or pharmacy when purchasing a mask, said Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

What are the exceptions to the rules?

Apart from the established rules, there are only exceptions to the mandatory mask rules. Here we have provided an overview of all WA masking rules which are as follows:

• For children under 12 years of age

• People with a physical or mental illness or disability that makes the wearing of the mask inappropriate.

• People involved in lectures, teaching, or broadcasting

• Only seizure of a private vehicle

• While swimming

• When eating, drinking or taking medication

• When asked to remove the mask for identification

• If the person is a prisoner or detained in a correctional facility

• In addition, when communicating with deaf or mouth-visible people, it is essential for communication.

• When covering creates a risk to their health or safety

• People who are undergoing medical care or treatment.

Conclusion – safety above all

The WA mask rules issued by the state government to Australian citizens are mandatory to ensure complete safety in the face of an ongoing pandemic.

This makes it compulsory to cover your face when using public transport or when moving around in public places. Besides, there are a few exceptions for people with medical conditions and disabilities where lip visibility is essential for communication.

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