This article will let you to be aware of scams like the scam known as the Vzn Rebate and
Everything that is about the scam the text message.

Are you a frequent Verizon shopper? Are you a fan of the discounts and rebates that are offered to customers? Have you received an email from Verizon offering a massive refund? Check out this article to learn the true meaning of the text message.

The text message for rebates has been spreading like wildfire across the United States. The message has been dubbed Verizon Rebate scamby numerous subscribers and customers of Verizon.

What’s Verizon?

Verizon is a global mobile phone company and corporate giant beneath the hood of Dow Jones Industrial Average. Verizon is known for its ability for selling electronic goods like broadband, mobile phones TVs, landlines etc.

The company is mostly known for its amazing deals on iPhones shortly after the release with new versions. Another thing Verizon is well-known for is its amazing deals on exchanges for mobile phones and special rebates offered to consumers and customers. Verizon frequently communicates its payments via telecommunications, which has caused a lot of frauds.

Vzn Refund Scam The criticisms from Verizon:

Recently, Google ran its Project Zero on Verizon and issued a slightly negative certificate to Verizon. As per researcher Tavis Ormandy the security testing conducted by Verizon revealed that it was more focused on the graphic user interface than security.

Additionally, the marketing strategies of Verizon using wireless telecommunications can be a source of privacy and leaks of data. Verizon has admitted that they make use of customer information to advertise discount and rebates via third-party messages.

In 2020, a fraudulent claim by the company caused an uproar across the United States when the company claimed that it had developed the most powerful 5G technology.

Thank You for Your Payment . Please Accept Our Special Rebate from Vzn of $200 The latest possible fraud:

If you’re not aware of the text message above. The message has been appearing on the mobile phones of a majority of Verizon customers with subscribed to Verizon’s newsletter. Verizon newsletter. However, the issue with the SMS message lies in the fact that a few users have found the message to be extremely suspicious. According to customers, the size of a corporation such as Verizon is not likely to offer these kinds of rebates in such huge amount.

The message also contained another link which redirected customers to another site where customer information were needed.

Verizon Scam of Rebate The real tale:

Since a variety of customers received messages via text messaging, news became a raging firestorm in a variety of communities of consumers. Based on a non-biased website the text message has an encrypted link to a fraudulent website known as

When customers click the link, cyber criminals and scammers gain access to all information about the personal and financial details of their victims. They can then utilize it to steal the entire bank as well as the other details related to security of possible victims.


As a result we can conclude that if you’ve received a fraudulent link from Vzn Rebate ,please refrain from engaging in fraud. Contact the company prior to engaging in these deals. Find out details about Verizon Scam Message.

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