Voghion.com is a site that sells trendy casual clothing for women. Voghion.com is working to make its mark as a fashion brand across the globe. It has been around for a year since its inception, it has very few customers and low reviews on the internet. There were no negative reviews found for Voghion.com. Therefore, it could require longer to build its reputation in the market.

The article below will help you learn more about Voghion reviewsto verify its authenticity to avoidance of online fraud.


Voghion.com was created through Voghion Pte. Ltd. exclusively to sell casual clothes for women. The information is not extensive on Voghion.com as well as Voghion Pte. Ltd. Voghion.com ships dresses all over the world. Some of its most expensive gowns include:

  • Womens Plaid Shirt Jacket
  • Tweed Blazer Vintage Jacket
  • Pu Faux Leather Loose Blazer Coat
  • Summer Sleeveless Tank Maxi Dress
  • Flared Sleeve Square Neck Lace Mini Dress, Etc.


  • Buy dresses at: https://www.Voghion.com.
  • Social Media LinksMentioned as working.
  • Cost:the minimum price of the dress starts from EUR5.94
  • Physical address:Voghion.com does not have an address for physical verification. is Voghion legit?
  • customer reviews and Blogs: Voghion.com did not include blogs, but customer reviews were posted.
  • The Terms and Conditions of Use: It was determined that plagiarism occurred in the context of usage.
  • Policy on Privacy: Plagiarization was discovered in the cookie policies.
  • Telephone (or) #Whatsapp: Voghion.com didn’t provide contact numbers.
  • store locatorVoghion.com is not able to assist the search of its physical stores.
  • delivery:The dresses are delivered within fifteen to twenty-two days via Voghion.com.
  • shipping:Voghion.com has two to five days to process orders. time.
  • Monitoring:Estimated Time of Arrival and the tracking number will be communicated via email. It is deemed to confirm is Voghion Legal?
  • Return Policies:The customer needs to contact customer service to obtain an authorization to return the item, which is usually sent within 14 days.
  • The refunds are: When dresses remain in their original condition, they can be eligible to receive a refund. an email confirmation will be sent out regarding the refund.
  • E-mail address:[email protected].
  • Mode of Payment:via Amex, BC, Dinners Club, Discover, NETS, FamilyMart, JCB, Lawson, Master Card, PayPal, PRZ24, 7Eleven and Visa in Euros.
  • NewslettersVoghion.com provides newsletters for its customers via email.
  • Owner’s information:Voghion.com did not disclose the information of the owner.


  • An additional 10% discount for your first purchase. 20 percent discount with a voucher.
  • Free shipping is offered by Voghion.com for orders of more than 49 EUR
  • Voghion Review Voghion Reviewsdiscovered that Voghion.com has a huge selection of trendy and casual dresses for women.


  • There aren’t any disadvantages of purchasing from Voghion.com aside from the fact that it has items that are available on other websites at reasonable costs.

Is Voghion.com Legitimate?

  • Voghion.com Creation: 19th January 2021 at 07:00:00 AM.
  • Voghion.com Expiry:19th January 2023 at 07:00:00 AM.
  • Voghion.com Age: 1 year and 19 days old.
  • Trust Index: Voghion.com was a victim of a poor trust score of 33 percent.
  • Alexa position:a medium ranking on Alexa of 628,815.
  • Where it came from:The United Stare is the COO of Voghion.com
  • The status of blacklisting None engine that blacklisted Voghion.com did not. Voghion.com.
  • Voghion Review about Suspicious Websites ProximityA negative highlight since Voghion.com scored 44/100.
  • Risk ProfileA Negative Highlight as Voghion.com received 25/100.
  • score for Phishing:A low-grade highlight, as Voghion.com received a score of 25/100.
  • score for malware: A negative highlight since Voghion.com received a score of 10/10.
  • Spam score: A negative highlight since Voghion.com received 20/100.
  • Connect Securityvia the HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact Person:No specific point of contact was identified on Voghion.com.
  • Social Relations: Instagram and Facebook contain social media pages for Voghion.com which have over 1,320 users.
  • Contact of the owner:Voghion.com did not reveal contact information for the proprietor.

Customers Voghion Reviews :

The two reviews posted on Facebook provide 5 stars. 3 reviews posted on Trustpilot give an 3.4/5 rating. One website review was discovered on YouTube which suggested Voghion.com as a possibility of being authentic. The number of reviews available on Google Play Store stands at 2.5/5 stars.

There are a number of positive website reviews about Voghion.com online. There are less reviews about products available on Voghion.com. Because the majority of review posted on Voghion.com have been positive they’re not trustworthy.

All negative reviews of Voghion.com were based on delayed delivery and not receiving orders.


Voghion Review Voghion Reviewconcludes that Voghion.com could be a legitimate website , however it has a low credibility score. It has a shady profile, which means it’s not secure for the privacy of users. Voghion.com is recommended to knowledgeable e-commerce shoppers who are cognizant of online fraud.