If you are a true music lover and looking for which player to use to listen to your favorite music. In this article we are going to talk about VLC Media player. You must’ve heard about this player somewhere. We will talk about this in brief in this article. It’s perhaps something we all have in common. Be it getting rid of some exhaustion, a long flight, workout enthusiasm or just to calm your mind, some good music is all you need to get yourself going. Lucky for us that due to rapid growth in the technology, especially in the field of computer applications, we’ve got more than enough options to choose from in almost every field nowadays. The field of music players is no different. It would be highly unlikely that any person with a PC is unable to name at least 5 music players. You can visit Lenovo Service Center in Grantroad to fix any type of problem in your system. Now a legitimate question which arises is which one do we choose. Or rather which music app would best fit to our needs. Well the answer is simple –

VLC media player.

Well no need to scratch your head, apart from the fact that it is hands down, the best video codec on earth, it is also the best music player for Windows 10 as well. If you disagree, it’s almost sure that you’ll change your mind by the end of the article and will love it as much as most of the professional users do.

Well apart from the fact that it is one of the most popular media players in the world, Let’s keep that simple and have a look upon 5 reasons why you won’t be able to stop rhapsodizing about the VLC player.

1. Playback almost any audio format: You read that right, just like the videos, it can play practically every music file you ever come across. When the students of Ecole Centrale Paris crafted VLC, they wanted it to be modular. Modular design means it extensible and therefore made to evolve. Moreover since it is an open source software, it will always be licensed with community drive source code. Due to this, thousands of people around the world are able to work to make this great program it is. The bottom-line is if you have a music file that you can’t play in any player or it is beset with decoder errors, run it through VLC as most of the times, the VLC just gets it right.

2. Download and Play music from YouTube: It’s a fact that the biggest music library is available on YouTube. The latest albums, solos, and themes, you name it, everything is available. Now why pay for downloading them and listening to them? Good music should be free. Isn’t it? Well that’s exactly what VLC does that for you. Just click on the Media menu and choose Open Network Stream. Then paste the YouTube URL and click play. As simple as that. When you open the browser the next time, you’ll be prompted if you want to save the video or not. So it’s time to say goodbye to YouTube premium and save some bucks.

3. Playback Internet Radio and Podcasts: Well let’s admit it; we all have wanted to listen to the radio like good old’ days when we get bored. The VLC media player comes back to the action once again. To play Podcasts and view radio channels, select View and then go to Playlists. If you can’t find your beloved radio channel in the VLC player, visit the radio station website and find the listen link there which you can easily paste in the given box.

4. Playing RAR files: This may sound mundane or weird at first but it’s quite useful if you have a lot of compressed music. Although RARing a music file does almost nothing to compress the file size, people continue to do it, especially the files you download from torrents and proxy sites. If you got a RARed music file, instead of going through the onerous process of extracting the media and consuming hard drive space, just hit the File tab, go to open and choose the RAR. Guess what happens next? VLC plays it like a champ.

5. Free of cost: Last but most importantly, the VLC player is absolutely free and this is what makes it as popular as it is today..

The Bottom-line: VLC Player is legit and is the real deal even if it is completely free of costs. When you have to play an obscure music file, check to see if VLC has your back first. When you want to download and listen to some latest music from YouTube, think VLC media player. The same applies for playing Podcast and Internet Radio. And of course it can even play compressed music all day. When it comes to music players for Windows, especially Windows 10, VLC player totally stands out and deserves to be rated as the best music player. It’s almost impossible that you don’t have it already. In that case you need to check out the masterpiece yourself for Windows from the official website.