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Gerasimov was a participant in the Second Chechen War and in Russian military operations in Syria, Russian annexe of Crimea, and Russian invasion in Ukraine. Gerasimov graduated from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2007. Between 1995 and 2022, he served in the Russian Ground Forces.

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Vitalii Petrovich Georasimov is also known by Vitaly Gerasimov. Gerasimov was born on the 9th of July 1977. Gerasimov was the first deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army Army and chief of staff.

Gerasimov death:

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine announced that Gerasimov died while fighting in Kharkiv, an eastern Ukrainian city. The Ukrainian defense department released an audio recording of a cell phone conversation between two Russian Federal Security Service (FBS) officers regarding Gerasimov’s death on 8 March 2022.

Information about the death Vitaly Gerrasimov Russian Army :

Russia was experiencing logistical problems and its encrypted military communications system wasn’t working. The communication between the FBS officers took place over an unsecure network using a regular SIM-card cell phone. The result was that the Ukrainian military was able to quickly access conversations between Russian forces.

One of the FBS officers inquired if he could use secure Era system. This is a highly-priced crypto-phone technology that was introduced in 2021 and which is guaranteed to work in all situations. Dmitry Shevchenko (the boss) replied that the Era system wasn’t working.


When Ukraine was resisting, the news about the death of Vitaly Georasimov Russian Army was broadcast. Volodymyr Zelenskiy maintained the faith of his audience by telecasting videos from within Ukraine. He would fight until the end. The missiles from Australia reached Ukraine, and the US allies tried to isolate Russia.

If Gerasimov’s death is confirmed by Russian media, he will be the second General from the 41st Combined Arms Army who dies within a week of Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky (the deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army).

Confirmation Sources:

The death of Vitaly Georasimov, Russian Army, was not confirmed by the Russian defense ministry. The death of Gerasimov was not confirmed by the US, and CNN stated that it had not independently verified Gerasimov’s death. Only Ukraine claimed it had confirmed Gerasimov’s death through a Russian Source.


Gerasimov was a veteran in the armed forces. Gerasimov began his career in the Russian army in 1995. He was promoted to colonel in October 2013 and then promoted to commander. He was promoted to the rank of colonel in the Russian army’s 1995-95 campaign. In October 2013, he was promoted to the rank of commander. Therefore, Gerasimov’s death is considered a major loss for the Russian army.