Are you familiar with his CEO Vishal Garg who was fired hundreds of employees during an unplanned call? Do you want to learn more about his story? If yes, then stay with us.

Vishal Garg has made worldwide media headlines this week when Garg fired more than 90 employees in one phone call. This has left people interested in him and the amount of money he has. In this article we will look at Vishal Garg’s net worth, Vishal Garg’s Net Worth along with the way he became a viral sensation.

Who is Vishal Garg?

Vishal Garg is the CEO of Garg was born in India and spent his childhood living in America. United States. Garg established MyRichUncle which is an online lending company for students after having graduated of New York University.

According to his LinkedIn page, he once founded One Zero Capital, an investment company that focuses on the creation of and financing companies that are at the intersection of technology, finance for consumers and marketing on the internet. Garg created in 2014 and has been the CEO since its inception.

Let’s talk about the company of the company of which Vishal Garg is CEO, before getting to know Vishal Garg’s Net Worth..

About offers a mortgage company that provides a completely online service that offers the rates and preapproval for mortgages and other tools. The company was started in the year 2000 by Vishal Garg. The services offered through are available anytime, anywhere.

Customers of typically receive pre-approval within minutes, and can close loans or mortgages for just three weeks due to the wide range of mortgage options available. is a fast-growing mortgage and homeownership company within the United States. The company has increased by over 400% since the year 2020. At present, is an American unicorn valued at $7.7 billion.

What is Vishal Garg Net Worth ?

Vishal Garg’s wealth is expected to be in the vicinity of $1 billion. While an exact account about Vishal Garg’s financial situation isn’t available for public consumption at the moment The CEO is believed to be in a huge financial situation.

According to some reports Garg’s net worth has been reported to be more than $4 billion. Garg founded that is worth about $7.7 billion.

As for personal earnings, Garg earned a $25 million cash prize to celebrate the holidays in 2020. Additionally, Garg allegedly invested $10 million in AlphaFlow the website that deals in the investment of real estate in debt in November of 2020.

Now that we have information about Vishal Garg’s net worth, let’s discuss the ways Vishal Garg made his name famous.

What made Vishal Garg become viral?

Vishal Garg was allegedly fired by more than the 900 employees in the Zoom chat on the 1st day of December 2021. According to reports 90 percent of the employees at were laid off during the Zoom conference.

The Zoom conference of Vishal Garg became viral which made him famous within a short time. The public was awed at the CEO’s behavior and a lot of people criticised his choice on social media.


Vishal Garg’s actions aren’t legitimate. He cut off hundreds of employees in the Zoom conference call. The only way to help employees is to receive the benefits they are entitled to from