For many of us, it’s been a little harder than usual to get together with friends over the past couple of years, but that has given rise to some ingenious ways of connecting via the internet. Whether you’ve got family who live in a different country, friends who’ve moved away to university, or you even just work unsociable hours, there are still ways that you can throw a great party via the medium of the internet. Nobody should ever have to feel lonely on their big day, so if you’re planning the celebrations for yourself, or for a loved one, here are some great ideas to throw a virtual birthday party that nobody could forget.

Make the Most of a Wishlist

If there’s one thing that makes birthdays great, then it’s giving gifts to the ones you love. Choosing something that will put a smile on their face is a priceless feeling, but if you’ve not seen each other for a long while then sometimes it can be tricky to think of what exactly they’d like the most. If you’re struggling for fun birthday gift ideas then you could ask your friend to put together a wishlist. There are lots of online retailers that have a wishlist function. These enable the lucky person to choose a selection of gifts that they want or need, put them onto a list, and share it with everyone who’ll be attending. Ask them to pick gifts at lots of different price points so that their guests can spend an amount that is sensible for them. Etsy and Folksy are great options for those who have a quirky style and really appreciate handmade items. Amazon is a good choice for those who have a wide range of wants and needs. Gaming companies like Steam can be fun too, as gifts are available immediately and you can play some games over the internet with the people invited to the party, which brings us on to the next point.

Plan Some Party Games

Having a few party games to play makes the whole virtual birthday feel more like an occasion. Think carefully about games that the birthday guest would really appreciate. If they’re a bit of a traditionalist then games like charades work really well over video chat, as long as everyone has a strong internet connection. With that said, even if someone’s internet isn’t the best, it can make guessing even more hilarious! If you’d usually hit the town on their birthday then they might enjoy something a little more grown-up. Recently live dealer casinos have become even more popular thanks to improvements in technology, making the experience even more realistic. lists all of the ones available in South Africa, including information on the games available, the deposit options you can make and a star rating. Find one that allows you to host private rooms and you could have a poker experience for just the virtual birthday guests, or roulette if that’s more your thing. Whether you choose the traditional party games, or virtual casino experience, your friend is sure to appreciate the effort that you’ve gone to.

Head on a Once in a Lifetime Holiday

The majority of us don’t get to whisk our friends away to some far-flung destination every time their birthday rolls around, but wouldn’t it be great if you could? The great thing about hosting a virtual birthday party is that you can and for a fraction of the price it would cost in real life. Tourist destinations all around the globe had to find a way to generate some income when people weren’t allowed to travel. This means that now there are ways to see all kinds of fascinating places, without breaking the bank. If your friend is a bit of an Egyptologist, or just loved The Mummy, then you can take them on a virtual tour of the pyramids. If they’re a bit of an art nerd then pop into the Picasso Museum, The Rijksmuseum, or The Louvre. All of these galleries are providing virtual tours around the most important parts of their collections. Some people prefer soaking up a destination, rather than touring around it and there are options for them too. Virtual Vacation is a website that allows you to wander at your own pace around hundreds of different destinations. It’s completely free to use and a really novel experience. You can drive, fly over, or just walk around cities all over the world, meaning that if one of the party wants to relax in nature, one wants to experience the bustle of San Fransisco and someone else wants to fly over Paris, you can all do exactly that and share a laugh about it over webcam at the same time.