Do you want to know more about Virginia Beach Festival Neptune? Get the information about the exciting events that are in your path to making your weekend more enjoyable.

Do you know about the biggest celebration in Virginia being planned to begin your weekend and make it unforgettable? This article is providing all the details about the celebration with you.

People across all over the United States wait eagerly for the Virginia Beach party that connects people to culture and art. The amazing stage performances that are back-to-back as well as delicious food and entertainment make this event an unforgettable experience for all.

We should therefore capture all the best moments that we can from Virginia Beach Festival Neptune and determine which events will be featured in the 2021 edition.

What is the Neptune Festival?

The organization is private non-profit organisation that organizes many events and activities in Virginia Beach every year. From music festivals with grand scale to wine tastings on the beach, there are many exciting events. Additionally, various sporting events are held and the winners receive cash prizes.

The first year of the festival was 1974. This beach party draws a lot of people each year. Due to the pandemic, organizers had to pull the plug on this event in 2020. But, 2021 has provided many spectacular shows and shows for the crowd that is most eagerly awaiting.

Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach – List of Events

  • Craft and Craft event The festival is sure to grab all the interest of art enthusiasts with more than 200 artistic works will be on display this weekend.
  • International Sand Sculpting Competition – In the sand-filled world spectators will be amazed at the creations created by the most talented masters of the world representing five different nations to compete against each other.
  • Live Music Performances – The air at the beaches will be brimming with happiness as national and local artists will be performing their performances on stage which will include 18 live musical performances performed by local, regional and national musicians. The Virginia Beach Festival Neptune which will be hosting the Skip Castro event is open to everyone.
  • The Race celebration will begin at 37th Street, and will finish in 31st Street Park.
  • The show for youth artists will showcase the talent of high school students.
  • In addition there will be delicious food at the event. But , it is essential to reserve seats prior to the event.

The incredible performances taking place right now, i.e., 25th September 2021, will surely be huge for those who attend.

The First Prince of Neptune Festival

After a long period, Virginia Beach Festival Neptune is here; it is also introducing Prince Neptune for the very first time at the festival. A 17-year-old identified as Evan Nied will become the prince. It’s a bit unusual since The Royal Court selects only girls to be the princess, however this time a teen of Kempsville High School has got the chance to become the prince.

Additionally it is necessary for the changes to be made in accordance with the needs of the audience with respect to time. That’s why Nied’s idea was approved.


To wrap up the information in this article, we have shared all details about the Virginia Beach Festival Neptune . So that readers do not miss out on the festival that features the best performances by the best artists available for you. For more information about the festival, visit Neptune Festival’s Instagram page that is associated with Neptune Festival.

What’s your top performance from this year’s Neptune Festival 2021? Write a comment and share your responses.