Advertising has so many forms – you have social media, adverts on TV, radio, billboards, and newspapers. While they are all active ways of promoting your business, they require a constant input of funds to spread the word. However, not everyone thinks of using the vehicles at their disposal as an advertising asset.

The Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps as a Marketing Technique

It’s easy to be dismissive of an uncommon advertising method, especially when related facts and figures are difficult to find. However, car wraps and branding can garner quite a few eyeballs.

  • A whitepaper by ARD ventures found that individual vehicle advertising has the potential to generate between 30,000 – 70,000 vehicular impressions on a daily basis.
  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America reports that name recognition increases 15 times with fleet vehicle advertising compared to other forms of advertising.
  • 3M calculated that a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effect as a $3,500 vehicle wrap. 
  • 3M reports that 97 percent of survey respondents recalled ads on a truck.

Vehicle wraps also generate great ROIs costing less per view than other forms of advertising. Think about it, once it’s on your vehicle, the advert stays there for good.

Storefront branding using wraps has a similar effect when it comes to spreading the message about your business. Cool designs can pique client curiosity and attract them to your store.

Make a statement on the road with customizable car magnets that showcase your brand, message, or support for a cause, giving your vehicle a personalized touch.

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps

Using vinyl wraps on your buildings, windows, or vehicles has plenty of advantages beyond advertising values as well.

  • They can be customized to suit the mood and feel of your business.
  • They are available in different textures, colours, and finishes.
  • Wraps are easy to install, remove, and replace – you can change your message at any time.
  • Vinyl wraps are weatherproof and can last six years (or more) on vehicles and outdoor walls.
  • They are affordable, especially when compared to custom paint jobs.

There’s a common misconception that vehicle wraps are reserved for companies with big fleets. However, they help create a favourable impression with potential customers by making a company look professional. 

The Vinyl Labs Advantage

Vinyl Labs is a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer with a network of designated shops across the country. The company’s motto is to ‘serve and deliver world-class products to global brands and this has been recognized by clients that include companies like Amazon, Red Bull, Pepsi, and BMW.

The in-house design team offers you the opportunity to have custom designs created just for you – whether you need a wrap to protect the paint on your brand-new Tesla or graphics created for a whole fleet of vehicles. 

From wall coverings and decals to signage, Vinyl Labs is a full-service agency that designs, coordinates, and installs vinyl solutions. No job is too big, or small, or different – they’ve even put colour-matching decals on seaplanes! 

Visit the Vinyl Labs website for more information on the services they have to offer or get in touch with your requirements today.