Maida is a popular flour in Indian households that needs no introduction. But you always need to be aware of the quality of maida you choose.  

Vikram Mills, the maida manufacturer and supplier in India, is the hallmark of quality all over the nation. It is the proud choice of several renowned FMCG brands and thus has been the best Maida brand by a fair margin.

With its roster of phenomenal clients such as Crowne Plaza Hotels, Haldirams, Reliance, Roseate Market, and many more, it has set high standards for its competitors in both product quality and customer experience.


Vikram Roller Flour Mills is heading forward with the mission of offering premium quality, healthy and nutritious food products by bringing the latest technology to India.


Vikram Roller Flour Mills has always held the vision of becoming one of the leading brands of wheat flour products in India. They are dedicated towards offering premium quality and healthy wheat flour products to their customers.

Table of Content:

  • History of Vikram Mills
  • A Range of Quality Products
  • Maida in India
  • Vikram Mills’ Process
  • Why is Vikram Mills Maida the Best Choice?
  • Conclusion

History of Vikram Mills

‘India Gate’, the flagship brand of Vikram Roller Flour Mills, has been synonymous with quality, creating new benchmarks of trust and confidence between a brand and their consumer base. With a long-running, remarkable legacy of over 45 years, Vikram Mills has been able to sustain constant growth in the market and managed to carve its name with an unparalleled commitment for quality and trust..

With a leadership group focused on quality standards, business ethics, and customer satisfaction, Vikram Mills has been one of the most sought out brands in the Agro FMCG sector.

A Range of Quality Products

Relentlessly striving for quality and customer satisfaction, Vikram Mills has earned an edge over other FMCG brands to stand ahead.

With a wide array of products, and a host of sub-categories to choose from, Vikram Mills has a different flour for every occasion! The brand deals in the following wheat products:

  • Vikram Mills Fresh Chakki Atta
  • Vikram Mills Semolina
  • Vikram Mills Dalia
  • Vikram Mills Roasted Dalia
  • Vikram Mills Refined Maida
  • Vikram Mills Rawa
  • Vikram Mills Wheat Bran

With the help of a combination of new-age technology and organic milling processes, Vikram Mills manufactures premium quality products, making no compromises in delivering only the best to its consumers.

Maida in India

Maida, also known as White Flour, is a multi-purpose flour. It is a popular ingredient found in almost all popular street foods and restaurant dishes. While Indians prefer fresh chakki atta for regular consumption, maida is their first choice for festive treats.

Maida, just like fresh chakki atta, is made out of whole wheat grains. However, maida undergoes heavier refining processes as compared to atta. It receives a finer texture than atta because of the heavy refining.    

While maida is extensively used in Indian meals, it is essential to choose the right maida for your health. Poor quality maida can cause severe damage to your gut. Thus, you need brands like Vikram Mills, who deliver premium quality products for your health.  

Vikram Mills’ Process

Vikram Mills finely mills the best quality indigenous whole wheat to manufacture its maida.

Maida is made from a specific part of the whole wheat grains known as endosperm. Thus, it contains a substantial amount of Starchy Endosperm. It also has a low fiber content as the bran particles are finely ground to smoothen it further.

The process of making maida is as follows-

  • Firstly, the entire batch of grains is filtered for any dust particles, stones and husk.
  • Post filtering the grains are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Next, the bran is removed from the grain and the endosperms are taken forward.
  • Finally, these endosperms are then milled in several stages until all the endosperms turn into fine flour.   

Why is Vikram Mills Maida the Best Choice?

  • They produce ultra-fine quality maida with the best whole wheat grains.
  • They thoroughly clean and grind the whole wheat grains and pack them carefully.
  • It is one of the most popular products, used by numerous bakeries, retailers, hotels, restaurants, and packaged food item producers.
  • It offers high nutritional value as it is rich in gluten content, vitamin B, and Iron. This nutritional value makes it a perfect fit for making several types of assorted breads, snacks, cakes and many other fast-food items.
  • They also produce different varieties of maida with varying gluten & fiber content. Thus, they have different maidas, suitable for different purposes, such as Bakery Special Maida, Patent Maida and Super Patent Maida.


The Indian wheat grain is known for its superior quality all over the world. With these quality grains, India Gate manufactures premium whole grain and flour products all over India. It is thus renowned for its quality all over the nation.

Vikram Mills has been carrying forward its mission of making our meals more nutritious for over 40 years. It continues to set new benchmarks with high-quality natural products and be a symbol of trust.


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