Gamers are faced with a variety of issues when buying products related to various genre of games. They need to look for various gaming items and discover how to buy the items. A website called Videogamecc provides all gaming items on one platform for a reduced cost.

Although it’s a good thing for gamers in this region of the United States, it is crucial to verify the legitimacy of the website before buying any item from it. Review has examined the website offering gaming products to online customers.

What is Videogamecc Com?

Videogamecc is an internet store that sells a variety of gaming-related hardware and software. Some of the items that are sold through the store are listed below.

  • Nintendo Switch – Accessories, games and Switch systems
  • Sony PlayStation – PlayStation 4 and 5 with accessories
  • Microsoft Xbox – Microsoft Xbox series five and X

It offers a wide selection of games that can be played with the Nintendo platform. Additionally, players have the option of a discount between 40 and 70 percent for every product. The fact that there are Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony gaming games on the same platform is great news for gamers.

To find out more about is Genuine and not a scam? we will examine its features, pros and pros and.

Specifications of Videogamecc Website:

  • Domain age –1-month-old (12th November 2021)
  • Website address –
  • Product sold Gaming Products
  • Payment method PayPal, credit and debit card PayPal credit, debit and debit cards that are accepted to the PayPal gateway
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Physical Address – 1026 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
  • Shipping policy – 3-7 days for delivery
  • The policy on refunds Refund policy not available
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Contact number – Not available
  • Pages on the web There is no separate page to About Us, shipping policy and refund policy.

Features in Favor of Videogamecc Gaming Portal:

  • Tests have found the discounts that can be as high as 70 percent for each item is in consumer’s favor.
  • Emails for service and newsletters will assist the player in resolving their concerns about the gaming online store.
  • The availability of a variety of gaming products on a single platform will benefit gamers.

Cons of Videogamecc Gaming Website:

  • There is no information regarding returns policies is provided on the website that could cause a significant discomfort for customers.
  • Customers may find it difficult to solve their issues immediately since no phone number is provided on the premises.
  • A low trust score raises questions about the authenticity of the site.

Is Legit?

The site’s age as well as the lack of pertinent details, and the lack of the owner’s contact information makes this website highly suspect. To verify its authenticity, we provide more details regarding this site. Videogamecc online store below.

  • Domain age: 1 month (22nd November, 2021) less than one month puts this website into the suspect category.
  • Alexa Ranking Alexa Ranking Alexa has assigned a rank of zero to this website which means there is no traffic to it.
  • Trust score Videogamecc has an average trust score of one percent, which is which is a low score as per Rating agency.
  • Social media presence – There is no social media account is connected to this website.
  • Trust index Index of trust Testimonials discovered the trust index for this site at 26.3 percent. This is a low score for a site to be authentic.
  • Owners’ details The owner’s details are not disclosed. the owner’s name is available on the online platform.
  • The missing details of shipping returns, shipping, information about us information, as well as payment details aren’t available on the website and make it difficult for consumers to find out more about the e-commerce platform.
  • Physical information The address can be found on Google Maps and is legitimate, however there is no mention of Videogamecc is seen since it’s only its name. located in Atlanta.
  • Plagiarism – The content of the website is similar to the content of a suspicious website.

Gamers should be aware of the points above.

What are Reviews?

Because this is a brand new website, it’s difficult to find reviews that are related to this website on the platform that is digital. The page for product details provides the product’s description however there are no reviews from customers available.

Major review sites don’t have reviews from customers of the product on Videogamecc as well as some review sites have looked into the website and published their findings into detail.

It has a daily user of just one on the site. Therefore they’re trying to fool customers by claiming that there are 90 people viewing the site in real-time.

Last verdict Review report suggests that the online store selling gaming-related products is extremely dangerous and advises gamers to stay away from it. Alexa rankings and other data suggest that not enough people are visiting this site.