In this year’s celebration fans were on Twitter to mark the occasion in their own unique ways. A particular scene from the film caught the viewers’ attention and raised the issue”Who kissed the Princess Leia first?” Who was the first person to kiss Princess Leia first? Let’s figure out the answer!

Who did Kissed Leia First?

Leis is a princess. Leis has been in love with Han Solo, but it has caused confusion among people who witnessed her first kiss. Leia made use of Luke for a prop in order to impress Han and with whom she was in love. She kissed Luke three times at first on the cheek prior to the swing of the Death Star, second in the sickbay of Hoth and thirdly when she saved Luke from Bespin.

But since it was Princess Leia was not Luke was the one who initiated everything things, Luke was not the one that she was supposed to be kissing. Therefore it is obvious that the person who kissed The Princess Leia the first could be Han Solo!

About Star Wars:

Star Wars is the epic space-opera-based multimedia franchise that has expanded into television shows and comic books, novels live-action films animated films themed parks video games, and much more.

George Lucas created the franchise and the first work included George Lucas’ 1977 Star Wars film. The film depicts the adventures of people living in a world in which humans and other species are able to coexist alongside robots, that assist them in various everyday tasks.

Princess Leia is an imaginary character from this series, and Han Solo was the first person to kiss her. Other characters that are central to the story comprise Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc.

About Princess Leia: Who Kissed Princess Leia First

Princess Leia is often referred to as the feminist hero of the century, an iconic figure from the 1980s and inspiration for adventure heroes of other kinds. The fictional Leia character is part in the cult Star Wars franchise, the princess of Alderaan and being an official of the Rebel Alliance, and a member of the Imperial Senate.

She played an important part in the series that defeats Darth Vader and leads to an end to the Death Star. She is in love with Han Solo (whom she kisses first) she marries him, and they have three sons: Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo.

The Star Wars Day 2022 celebration:

The issue of Who was the first person to kiss The Princess Leia First has most likely popular due to the Star Wars Day celebrated yesterday on the 4th of May in 2022.

Star Wars fans from the United States and other nations celebrated this day with a special flair. In celebration of the day, fans posted posters, paintings and footage from the original Star Wars films.

The well-known joke “May the Fourth be with you” was also shared and laughed at by a lot of fans.

Final Words:

Star Wars is an iconic series that gained global recognition swiftly.