PayPal has facilitated online payment for e-commerce around the world in the initial phase of the e-commerce boom. Since the government around the world favors digital payment, it also brings a lot of convenience to people. Cash apps like Square Cash, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay have become popular with people in the United States.

[email protected] will discuss a financial product, the Venmo mobile app owned by parent company PayPal. In addition to paying for your purchase in the store and on the e-commerce site, having PayPal as a payment option allows peer payment.

What is the Venmo mobile app?

Venmo is a mobile payment application developed by PayPal for personal use and used as a digital wallet. Most of the services on this platform are free and easy to use. This is the best app today for peer-to-peer use, as some of its services, such as split payment, request payment, and send money to your bank, are free.

[email protected] feels that its registration process is easy with Facebook or email account, and all information about service charges is displayed on the registration page. Most of their services are free as provided by other mobile payment applications. Although the fast money transfer and the transaction from a credit card are paid.

Venmo Mobile App Features:

With the arrival of many mobile payment applications on the market, product differentiation plays a decisive role in the minds of customers. With features like split pay, the Venmo app has become quite popular with the workgroup and people who share the kitchen or pace of life. It is also easily operated on iOS, Android, and the web.

[email protected] believes that the Venmo debit card is the most important addition to the mobile application functions, allowing you to access your account fund from ATMs and stores. After verifying your identity, the sending and receiving amount increases from $ 299 to $ 6,999 per week, which is less than Google’s payment of $ 10,000 and more than $ 250 in cash.

What are [email protected] reviews?

On, the Venmo app has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 with 4591 reviews. 4.8 is for ease of use and 4.5 is for customer service. The high ranking in ease of use is due to the client-friendly nature of the app, which allows a non-tech savvy to use it easily.

The site review on this app is quite positive on the digital platform and people are talking about its new role and working with optimism. Although privacy is a customer concern and scammers take advantage of the lack of payment protection.


The modern economic system is basically based on the monetary value of the goods and services produced in a country. With recurring fraud, scam and black money hoarding, digital payment is an option that can save people from rising inflation due to black money.

Banks and other financial institutions are working hard on their monetary policy, but an app like Venmo can go a long way for ordinary people to transact digital money.

[email protected] is looking for more new app features in the coming days to make life easier for ordinary people in America.