Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine says he chose the nation’s new vaccine lottery prize of $1 million since it is a”magic number” that catches people’s interest.

The initial drawing for your Vax-a-Million lottery process is scheduled for May 26.

Participants should opt-in into the lottery, which will start next Wednesday and last for five months, offering adult citizens a $1 million prize and kids 12-17 a full-ride scholarship into a four-year college from the nation.

DeWine told the Associated Press on Monday that there are usually 3 different types of individuals: those who’ve been vaccinated and were excited to do this; individuals who refuse to be vaccinated; and individuals that aren’t against being vaccinated but for whom it is not a priority or they aren’t enthusiastic about it.

DeWine made the lottery program to goal which previous group of individuals, he explained.

For your scholarship, permanent Ohio residents that are between 12 and 17 decades old and have obtained a minumum of one dose of their Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the one-shot Johnson&Johnson vaccine from the Sunday prior to the weekly Wednesday drawing are eligible to join the lottery.

The winner could place the scholarship, including room and board, tuition, and publications, to some Ohio state school or college of their choice. Kids can enter in their own parents or guardians would need to confirm their eligibility.