Do you like handmade jewelry? Do you want to shop online to find the most desired jewelry? If so, this article will help you find a website listing different types of jewelry that may love your beauty more. reviews will help you find a new place to shop for jewelry. People from the United States and Belgium admire this site for its beautiful jewelry collection.

If you want to know more about, follow us in this article. So now let’s start by discussing the main features of the site.

What is

Vaveluz is an online platform that provides consumers with handmade jewelry at their fingertips. It supplies products all over the world, which means it is a business network that is extensive.

In this article, Reviews will provide you with more details about this site to ensure your safety should any issue arise.


• Type of website: Online platform for resale jewelry.

• Domain age: less than four months.

• SSL certificate: Consists of the SSL certificate which is required for online payments.

• Popularity: No Alexa ratings.

• Certification: Certified by HTTPS.

Advantages of buying on

• Consumers will receive a variety of handmade jewelry in one place.

• It has a quality trait that consumers can very well admire.

• Shipped Worldwide.

Disadvantages of shopping at

• The site is less than a year old; therefore, there is suspicion about the authenticity of the site.

• The products are expensive because they are handmade products.

Is legal?

According to our research, this site is less than a year old. It was established on January 31, 2021. So it is not easy to trust such a young side. The register of this website is considered private.

The only thing that is right about this site is that it is HTTPS certified, which means it is encrypted. If consumers enter any private data, they cannot be hacked because of this certificate. reviews showed that it has zero traffic on Alexa, meaning people don’t visit that site often.

According to, this site has a low level of trust. Indicates that the site is illegal.

It is present on social media platforms; Therefore, considering this factor, we can say that this site is legal as no illegal site will promote itself on social media platforms where they need to contact consumers directly.

After analyzing all the factors, we can conclude that the site is very young, therefore it cannot be fully concluded that it is legal.

What reviews are there?

We have conducted online research on this site and the results of that research are presented below.

First of all, this site is very young, less than six months old, so it’s hard to find anything about it.

Second, this site is HTTPS certified which is the positive side of this site. This means that if consumers post any private information on this site, it will be encrypted.

Third, this site is present on social media platforms with constant updates; therefore, we can recommend that it be legal. On the other hand, we did not find any questionable website on this site that could claim to be illegal.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Is legal” seems to be questionable. Interested consumers can check more factors before using this website.

Final Verdict: is a website that puts handmade jewelry at your fingertips for consumers. Since this is a new site that is less than four months old, there isn’t much detail about it.

However, after our research, it would be hard to argue that it is legit because the site is very young.

As such, Reviews advises consumers to properly check this site and then purchase products from there. People from Belgium and the United States would like this website more as it contains handmade items.

Have you ordered any item from this website? Do you feel anything suspicious about it? If so, feel free to share your valuable insights with us in the comments section below.