Generally, there are various occasions when a fire attack is the most common activity. Especially at the time of the occasion like the Diwali, marriages, and other such occasions, the fire attacks the place due to the speed of the work and negligence.

Even after taking the remedial action in some of the situations, the person faces the problem of the fire attack. Therefore, a person should know what he must do and what he should avoid doing in that situation. Let us discuss the various points in detail.

  • Ensure that you read the complete instructions related to the available fireworks for a person. Keeping the water-filled bucket is an advisable option to save people’s lives.
  • Stay away from the smoke, as the chemicals used in making the smoke can cause severe damage to the brain and liver of the person.
  • Try to keep at least one fire extinguisher at your place. If the extinguishers are easily accessible at the time of the requirement, then less damage will be caused to the family members.
  • The children living at the place must be aware of the various tips that they must keep in mind in case of any emergency.
  • At the time of Diwali, try to crack the fires outside the house and keep all the windows and doors of the house closed adequately.
  • Wearing tight cotton clothes is an advisable option for the person. As the tight clothes reduce the chances of the catching of the fire.
  • In case after the remedial actions also, the person catches fire. Then, in that case, pouring the cold water will give the person instant relief.
  • The person should light the fireworks only in the presence of the elder children so that any harmful acts can be avoided.
  • A person must try to light the fireworks at a distance from the house, and also, the doors and the windows of the house must be closed.

Some of the things that must be avoided by the person in case of the fire attack the place. These points will also save the person from any damage:

  • Avoid going to any of the buildings that have been attacked with the fire. As this can prove to be harmful to the person.
  • Avoid the overloading of the electric circuit by using the multi plugs.
  • Avoid wearing loose and synthetic clothing as they can easily catch fire.

These are some things that a person can avoid doing to feel protected against fire. If the person works safely in the starting, only then will the emergency not arise.