Do you want car repair tools? If so, throw the light in the Vandell store, which has all the accessories for repairing vehicles. In the United States, people like to use stores that provide all electronic gadgets.

In today’s content, we will share the reviewers of the Wandella store stored by people online. One of the most key facts whether the store is safe to purchase goods or not, will be discussed before the end of the article. Stay with us to get to know all information about Vandell Shop.

What is the VANDELL store?

VANDELL SHOP is a store that sells accessories for repairing motor vehicles and cars. If you are adventurous and you love to perform sports activities, then Vandell has a water sports accessories for you. Children can find skateboards, scooters, things, toys, play a tent for them.

The company provides products of the highest quality from different suppliers and sells them to their clients. But the response to the VANDELL LEGIT store must be known to any customer who is buying a product from the portal. Is not it?

Not only children, but this store also has products that can be used to decorate homes and gardens. Cosmetics and healthcare can also be found in the store in Vandell.

Specifications of the VANDELL store

• Type of sites – a store with all tools and sports objects.

• Phone number – 61408248817

• Address – 64 Belmore Street, RIDE, NSW 2112.

• E-mail address – [email protected]

• Delivery time – 15-20 days

• Returns policy – the store provides a full refund

Pros Vandell Shop

• The Vandell store provides daily discounts.

• Children can have puzzles, games and toys from the site.

Wandell store defects

• There are no reviews from VANDELL found on each platform.

• The store domain will expire in 2021.

• Social media icons do not work. In addition, during the research, we will not find our activity in social media.

• The site has shared a suspicious e-mail address with buyers. The shared address is also incorrect.

• The store uses only one method of receiving payments that is PayPal. Shipping policy and return policy is not explained in a nutshell.

Is the Vandell shop a legit?

Now we will answer your question, taking a help of various facts: –

1. Age of the domain – the domain is old. It was registered on 26 May 2020 as a portal was registered only for a year, so we can not use the Vandell store after two months.

2. Activeness in social media – the store did not show its availability in social media. Social media icons on the website of the portal do not work.

3. Rating – Buyers provide any opinions and evaluation of Wandella stores. Vandell receives a 23.8 evaluation of 100 on the SCAM detector. A low rating shows that the portal has many disadvantages.

4. Incorrect information – the store has made available inappropriate contact details with clients. Address points on the street. The store name is absent on the e-mail address. In addition, only people from PayPal account can buy from the portal.

Considering all the facts, we can not say that Vandell is a trustworthy portal. These negative signs meant that the Vandell store was a dubious side on which customers can not be based.

What are the Wandella store reviews?

In the United States, the VANDELL store is not well known to people, and thanks to which months have passed and no buyer has shared their comments online. The site did not make her social media accounts, and as a result we do not even know if people like their objects.

Wendell Shop will soon expire. There is no hope that Vandell will receive reviews within two months.


In the end, we found all the facts that the buyer should be aware:

• Lack of Wandell stores is a negative sign, which makes the portal doubtful.

• Registration of the portal for a short time does not allow us to trust.

• Shares Information are inappropriate.

• Scam detector also warns the buyers will remain away from the portal.

The Vandell store is a fraudulent website and we can not trust it. We advise Readers with another portal to purchase all needy accessories.

Did you buy earlier from Vandell? Do the products have come to you safely? We will wait for a message from you.