Meet errors when playing games is common and Valorant win64 Shipping Error is no exception. This is the error that the valuan players face Brazil and the United States. Valuing is a multiplayer Tactical FPS shooting game developed for Microsoft Windows.

It has several levels and genres and players can enjoy reading their Windows device. However, Win64 shield.exe error becomes an alarming problem for most players.

Players are looking for relevant solutions for error in order to continue to take advantage of the game. Below you will find a useful guide that you need to do when you face the error when playing the game.

What is Valorant win64 Shipping Error?

Provolving Win64 Shipping.exe Error or OXC0000005 Error is the common mistake encountered when playing the game on the PC or the Windows console. The mistake disturbs many players around the world and everyone looks for a resolution to correct the error.

The game presents the level on the closed beta and, because of this fact, many players receive a message that it is essential to restart the system to start the game. In addition to the message, they also receive the error when you Try to start the game.

It becomes a boring issue for players and look for an effective solution for the Valorant win64 Shipping Error.

Some relevant and proven methods are shared by experts and developers who can help players solve and correct the error to continue playing online.

How to fix the error?

After evaluating online, we found a tutorial video explaining some methods to resolve the error and resume the game. The video tutorial shares the strategies to resolve the error in case of easy steps. So, please follow the steps with caution to resolve the error and continue the game.

• One – According to the video tutorial, users must download and install the old version of the NVIDIA driver to correct the error. If you have the latest version, please uninstall and reinstall the older version to fix the error.

• Two Solution – If you use the Windows 7 operating system, the Valorant win64 Shipping Error will become a common error for you. Thus, upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 to resolve the error and correct it permanently.

These are the two patches shared in the video tutorial and you must follow these steps to get the problem solved and enjoy reading the game.

What is the reaction of the people to the error?

We found comments and reactions of people on this error. In the Comments section of the video tutorial, many players shared that they are confronted with the error after the update. The error becomes a visible anxiety for some people because it prevents them from playing the game.


The Valorant win64 Shipping Error is the readers of common problems are confronted when attempting to launch the game. You do not need to get a panic because there are available solutions to resolve the error and resume the game.

However, you must follow the steps with care for this to be fixed quickly and continue online games. Are you facing the error when reading the game? Please share your experiences with readers in the Comments section.