You have a weekend free and you decide to take some time to relax while playing videogames. However, the error message appeared as soon as your game was launched. It is frustrating!

Most people, especially those in Canada, love to play video games whenever they have the time. But, every game has its share of technical problems and difficulties.

Today we are here to give you some relief from the frustration of dealing with these errors.

About the Game

The error is part a well-liked video game called Valorant that was created by Riot Game. It was launched in 2014 and last year, it received an upgrade. This is a first person shooter game that can be used with Windows.

The game lets players play as agents and has a variety of skills like death actions, spikes, killing, etc. It is important to discuss one of the highlights of the game before we understand the error.

The culture of the player influences the game’s agent design. It is not possible to play the game in a certain way as each person’s gameplay style will affect the gameplay.

All About Valorant Error code Van 135

You can find many error codes, but not error 135, on the official Valorant support site. This makes it difficult to determine the problem and find the solution.

The error prevents the player from properly launching their game. When the player tries launch the game, a dialogue box with an error message appears.

This error, unlike other game errors, is a frequent error that many players experience.

How to Fix Value Error Code Van 135

It can be frustrating, more than anything, to face an error while playing a video game. Knowing the error and how to fix it is crucial.

You can ask Riot support to help you if you get into trouble while playing.

  • Individuals can reboot their computer or PC, and Riot clients.
  • If Valorant Code Van 135 remains present, then uninstall and reinstall the Valorant.

The following is another method to correct the error:

  • Administrators have the ability to open the command prompt.
  • You can delete files using the commands. To do so, just press enter every time you want to delete a file.
  • After you have deleted any unnecessary files, you can press the Exit key.


This error presents a significant challenge to both players and the game. It is one the most common, time-consuming and difficult errors players face.

It is time to fix Valorant Code Van 135 as it can spoil the player’s mood, even before the game starts.

Do you have a similar problem with this particular game? Leave your comments below.