With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples across the country are looking forward to romantic nights out and finding ways to celebrate their love. People still looking for the perfect gifts for their significant others are beginning to run out of time, though. Instead of continuing to put off the choice, check out these traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that everyone will love.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have long been associated with timeless love, so what better gift is there to give a serious partner on Valentine’s Day? For those who don’t know the jewelry world well, it’s tempting to assume that diamonds must be so expensive that they’re best reserved exclusively for engagement rings. While these precious stones are commonly used in this context, they can also be set in necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry.

Shopping for a loved one who’s keenly aware of social and environmental issues? Don’t assume that diamond jewelry is automatically out. There are now ethical lab diamonds that are visually and chemically identical to mined diamonds but with none of the associated conflict.

A Beautiful Bouquet

Historically, red roses have been a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. This tradition is centuries-old and references the language of flowers that was in vogue among Victorian-era women. However, the association of roses with love, more generally, dates all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, when people wore rose garlands at wedding ceremonies and myths referenced their association with the goddess of love.

Of course, not everyone likes roses, nor are all couples equally interested in following established traditions. The good news for those who like to think outside the box is that there are plenty of other flower combinations to consider that will be just as beautiful, and just as expressive. Either way, a beautiful bouquet is a great gift for a special someone who may not be quite ready for the implied commitment of giving and receiving fine jewelry.

Craft Chocolates

Fancy chocolates are almost as deeply ingrained in Valentine’s Day traditions as diamonds and roses. However, the history of giving chocolates specifically as a token of affection isn’t quite as old. It dates back to 1861 when candymaker Richard Cadbury began packaging chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and decorating them with popular symbols of romance. The tradition quickly caught on, and people still give each other over 58 million pounds of Valentine’s Day chocolates each year in North America alone.

Those who want to maximize the meaningfulness of their gifts can’t just go out to the local grocery store and buy whatever prepackaged chocolates are still available the night before Valentine’s Day. Instead, head to a craft chocolatier and place an order in advance for an assortment of exceptionally delicious, gourmet candies. The recipient won’t just enjoy them more, they’ll also see the extra work that went into finding the right gift and make it feel more meaningful.

Find the Perfect Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Most people are excited, but for those who have yet to find the perfect gift, the clock continuing to tick down to the big day can be a source of stress. Instead of continuing to put off gift-buying until the last minute, when options will be limited and the gift-givers stress will be at a maximum, choose a thoughtful, meaningful present that will show the recipient they are truly loved.