OK, so maybe the odds of winning 1 million at Ohio’s vaccine lottery aren’t as great as we had assumed. But that is probably a fantastic thing, as more individuals are vaccinated from COVID-19 within the state.

On Tuesday, the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Lottery stated in a joint news release that ohiovaxamillion.com, the nation’s website where vaccinated inhabitants can enter to win $1 million or even full-ride scholarships to public universities, had over 25 million pageviews from the evening on its first day.

The site started Tuesday morning.

Last week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine originally said that all Ohioans who had obtained at least the initial dose of a COVID-19 vaccine would be automatically eligible for the lottery.

However, in a departure from that, DeWine declared Monday that vaccinated Ohioans would need to see the Vax-a-Million website to enter. The essential registration in addition to the number of Ohioans who will not find a vaccine could significantly reduce the size of the pool entrants, thereby increasing the odds of winning, specialists assumed.

In a recent narrative , Cleveland.com estimated a Vax-a-million registrant’s likelihood of winning at 1-in-1 million. For comparison, the likelihood of winning Ohio’s Classic Lotto with a $1 million jackpot are 1-in-14 million.

But the first number of registrants and callers suggests the lotto might be a little more aggressive than previously thought.

Approximately 72% of Ohio’s 11,689,100 inhabitants are 18 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s figures in July 2019.

As CityBeat formerly reported, the Vax-a-Million promotion was produced to incentivize wider vaccine adoption in the lead-up to June 2, when the nation will lift all pandemic health dictates. Ohio is dropping the restrictions despite being much short of several benchmarks which DeWine and other officials had long said ought to be fulfilled. DeWine earlier this year stated that the speed of coronavirus cases would have to fall to 50 per 100,000 Ohioans before orders like the requirement to wear masks inside in public spaces would be dropped. On May 18, that rate stood at 118.9 COVID cases per 100,000, substantially higher than the stated amount.

Requirement for vaccinations in Ohio has shrunk. At the moment, the state is only using about 20 percent of its federal allotment of dosages, and vaccination sites across the nation are decreasing their operations in response to dwindling demand.

Back in Ohio, 42.92percent of residents have received a minumum of one dose of the vaccine as of May 18. Only 37.72% are fully vaccinated, according to Ohio’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Ohioans must be at least 12 years old to its Pfizer vaccine and 18 years old for the Moderna and J&J vaccines. Find info and vaccine locations on Ohio’s coronavirus portalsite.

But the vaccination rate may be advancing. Ohio health officials said Monday that more than 25,400 COVID-19 vaccines were administered on Friday — two weeks following last week’s announcement about Vax-a-Million, NBC News reported. It was Ohio’s highest vaccination rate in three weeks. Additionally, vaccinations for Ohioans ages 30 to 74 increased by 6 percent after previous weeks had seen continuous decline.

All Ohioans who’ve obtained at least one vaccination dose are eligible for Vax-a-Million, where five mature winners will receive $1 million each. A title will be selected at random from registered and confirmed vaccinated Ohioans, and one winner per week over the duration of five months will walk away with a lump-sum amount.

In addition, vaccinated Ohio residents that are ages 12-17 could enter to win a full-ride, four-year pupil to some Ohio state university or college. Much like the adults, five winners will be named, with one drawn per week.

To enter the drawing, see ohiovaxamillion.com. For information regarding COVID-19 and vaccination locations, visit coronavirus.ohio.gov.