Adding more talent to your team can feel like an absolutely daunting task but when going about it the right way, each new hire should feel a little easier to onboard than the last one did. It’ll be a little smoother for a couple of reasons, first is that your process will become more refined with each new team member that’s brought on. More importantly with each new hire you have, your network is going to grow as well.

Utilizing the connections of your new hires can be the missing piece in having access to the talent pool you’ve always dreamt of seeing. The only thing better than the new all-star employees you’ve brought on is the chance of them bringing in friends and colleagues that are just as skilled. If you are unsure how your new hires can lead to additional new hires, here’s how it’s done.

Create Referral Programs

If this isn’t something your business is already doing, consider opening up different options for employee referral. This is a broad idea so it can be implemented in whatever makes the most sense for both where your operation currently is and where you’d like to see it in the future. Often, the referral itself can lead to a monetary reward for the employee that recommended someone was a potential candidate.

Once the candidate your new hire brought along reaches a certain milestone, such as 90 days, 6 months, or a year at your company, the employee that recommended them can still receive a reward if additional money isn’t something you feel can be offered at this time. Extra paid time off can be a great replacement for a monetary bonus as well as additional time during breaks or lunch.

Leverage Social Media

Regardless of the type of operation you are running, there’s always a way that social media can be used to capitalize on the success you already have. One way that can be done is by creating content in which your new hires give their thoughts on what it’s like working for, and finding comfort zones, at their new jobs.

Using social media to do this is going to make your newly bought on employees feel cared about as well as showing those who are potentially interested in your company, what their onboarding experience is going to look like. This can be done as a series of blog posts or even as videos where the new employee, and the work they are doing, is the focus above all else.

Encourage Networking

Alongside referral programs, new employees should also be encouraged to take on spending time at networking events and job fairs. Obviously, events such as those should be part of the larger budget and not an expectation that a newer employee does this during their free time.

By attending networking events, you can build more professional connections and give those looking for new opportunities an accurate insight as to what the experience is like for someone that recently joined your company.