The invention of the cream charger played an essential role in innovation as we know it today. Whether used to add a personal touch to dessert or beverage, alter the texture of food dishes, or infuse liquids with exceptional flavors and whipping capability; this little device can do it all within 60 seconds, adding style and precision wherever you need them!

  1. Summer Strawberry Mousse

The strawberry mousse is made from fresh strawberries, cream, and powdered sugar- simple yet so yummy!

Ingredients: 400 g strawberries, 75g powdered sugar (sieved), 150 ml double cream. 

Accessories: One whipped cream charger and dispenser

Instructions: Set six strawberries aside for garnishing- blend remaining berries into a liquid puree and sieve it to remove seeds; add in syrup and stir well- do not blend! Pour mixture into whipped cream chargers – shake gently before releasing onto serving glasses as mousse decorated with two whole fresh berries.

Serve on a hot summer day for the freshest and tastiest dessert.

  1. Whipped Chocolate Mousse

What dessert is more satisfying at night than a fluffy chocolate mousse? With whipped cream on top, of course! This delectable recipe for Cream Charger desserts will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ingredients: 200 g finely chopped dark chocolate, 100 ml water, 40 g sugar. 

Accessories: One whipped cream dispenser and charger; 

Instructions: Combine the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl placed above a hot pan filled with boiling water until all has melted. Remove from heat and put it into an ice bath to cool down for 2 minutes, then whisk vigorously while adding one charger (or gas) into a whipped cream container when ready to use. Shake 30 times before serving over desserts like brownies!

  1. Coffee with a Rum Cream Topping

This coffee-rum cream charger recipe is the perfect fit for anyone who wants a sweet treat and an energy boost at the same time.

Ingredients: 3 cups heavy cream, 6 tbsp rum, 6 tbsp Kahlúa (or Tia Maria for less sugar), 6 tbsp    powdered sugar

Accessories: One whipped cream dispenser & one whipped cream charger

Instructions: Pour all the ingredients into the whipping machine and charge it using an N2O cartridge. Make sure you shake 30 times before adding on to any cup of hot, black French roast coffee topped off with some frothy milk goodness!

  1. Deconstructed Mojito Cream Charger Recipe

You’re probably so obsessed with the Mojito that you’d love to taste each component separately? In this recipe, we’ll deconstruct and reconstruct for your liking!

Ingredients: 50 ml rum, 2 tbsp Kahlúa (or Tia Maria for less sugar), 1 tbsp    powdered sugar, 120 ml water, 100 g white sugar, 3 tbsp    water, 1 drop    mint extract, 1 pack lime jelly powder, 1 cup    water

Accessories: One whipped cream dispenser & two whipped cream charger capsules


Mint and Sugar Candy

How can you make these sweet treats even better? Try adding a little bit of mint extract to the mix! The sugar will melt and slowly evaporate until it reaches 110 degrees Celsius. Then, remove from heat and let cool for 3 hours on a baking sheet before breaking into ready-to-eat pieces!

Lime Jelly

Make the Jelly according to package instructions. Allow it to cool until set and then place into the whipped cream dispenser. Charge with nitrous oxide chargers for 2 minutes before shaking vigorously. Store in the fridge for 3 hours.

White Rum Granita

The first thing you’ll need is 5 cups of water with 1 cup of sugar syrup (or table sweetener), 10-12 fresh mint leaves, two tablespoons white rum extract, and vanilla extract in place if desired as well. Begin by boiling these together before adding them all into a clean pan or bowl that will fit perfectly inside your freezer once it has cooled off again. Allow everything to infuse for about three hours, making sure to whisk occasionally during that time until the granita doesn’t freeze too solid from anyone layer freezing quicker than another. 

Drinks should be served in chilled cocktail glasses!

Iced Coffee Cream Charger Recipe

If you want to survive the summer heat, a cold cream charger recipe is necessary. And what better way to cool off during those scorching seasons than drinking an iced coffee? 

Ingredients: 1 cup whole milk, 1/2 cup heavy cream, 2 tbsp    cane sugar, 15 g instant coffee, powder, 60 ml    water, 5 ice cubes

Accessories: One whipped cream dispenser & one whipped cream charger

Instructions: Bring a pot of water to boil and add in some ground beans, sugar, heavy cream, milk powder (or fresh), and vanilla extract for flavor. Give it time to steep before taking the brew off heat–add more or less according to your taste preference! After 60 minutes, chilling time is up, shake well, then pour into mugs or cups right away so they can enjoy it as soon as possible! So easy yet tastes like heaven.

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