A lot goes into designing interior spaces and picking the right home decor. Furniture aesthetics can make or break your living space and often. Within the unprecedented circumstances precipitated by the pandemic, people were confined to their homes for the longest time and the sales of the furnishing industry grew by 23.4% in 2020-21.  

However, an element of home decor that goes overlooked is window treatments. Your windows are like portals to the outside world that brings in warmth and beauty. Soft furnishings which enclose your windows lend it an aesthetic and also contribute to the architecture of your interiors.  

What Are Soft Furnishings?

Soft furnishings are a major element of home decor when combined with hard furnishings, lighting and colour of the walls, which amps up the architecture of your house. It includes upholstery, curtains, drapes, pillow-covers, sofas, cushions and bed sheets among other things. Primarily, drapes and curtains are the soft furnishings employed to enhance the window treatments of the house. We will dive deeper into classic window furnishings and simplify home decor for you. 

Bring Your Space Together With Window Treatments 

The role of curtains and draperies is not just limited to augmenting the ambience of the home but also extending privacy and protection from the external environment. They are available in various materials, sizes and colours and can easily mimic the construction of your windows. They are the perfect component to set the expression for the entire space. 

Curtains have a free-flowing flair to them while draperies are designed to have pleats and lend a more formal look to the room. It is very important to have a broad understanding of your space in order to pick the right soft furnishings for windows. From size and colour to the shape and appeal of the curtain or drapes, it all contributes to the ambience of your home. 

Based on their design and composition of the fabric, soft furnishings for windows can be classified into 4 categories – 

  • Drapes – 
    An opaque cloth designed from heavier fabric to block maximum sunlight and falls in a pleated fashion
  • Draw Curtains – 
    Designed from less opaque material, it can be transparent and lightweight
  • Glass Curtains – 
    Transparent or translucent window curtains which barely extends beside the windows  
  • Non Drawing Curtains – 
    It includes bamboo shades and wooden shutters as they are stiff and designed to block sunlight and keep interior spaces cool.  

You can go for minimalistic, beige-coloured drapes for a formal look or you can also go for something dramatic with fiery red curtains but it all depends on the overall feel of your interiors. Your soft furnishings should augment the look of the architecture and here are different styles to choose from.

Roman Shades These luxurious soft window furnishings are known for their modern and sophisticated appeal. They lie horizontally into neat pleats when pulled down and when they are closed, they form a flat look. Perfect for someone who is into minimalistic interiors. These shades are backed by a chord mechanism, so you can adjust the length of the shades. 

  • Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made from lightweight fabric to give a soft look to your home. They are translucent, made from a very thin material like silk, rayon or nylon and are barely visible. They come in different colours but many people prefer it in shades of white including ivory, eggshell or cream as it adds to the soft look. 

  • Roller Shades

Also known as roll-up shades, the fabric is rolled around a tube as the name suggests. The fabric can be extended to cover the window or rolled up if you want to wind up the shades. They are known for their functionality and make for an affordable home decor option.

  • Cafe Curtains 

These are straight-hanging curtains that slide along a rod. They can be used to cover half a window, a third portion of the window or the entire frame of it depending on the preference. It is great for privacy and can lend an old school charm to your house. 

  • Multi-Hued Curtains

Make a stylish, postmodern corner with multi-hued curtains which have a metallic finish. This will give you a comfortable and cosy space along with the window as the multiple hues give a laidback effect with a fun factor. 

  • Austrian Curtains

Opt for the Austrian shades if you want a touch of drama in your space. Also known as the puff curtains, they have elaborate plaits with multiple vertical lines spaced evenly across the curtains. They are delicate fabrics like satin, chiffon or charmeuse for the regal effect. It can also be made out of sheer fabric. 

  • Drapery 

For the touch of elegance, drapery will be the perfect fit for your house. They come in a variety of fabrics, colours and shapes and they can be remotely controlled or moved by hand. You can keep them to floor length for a grand and luxurious look. 

Importance Of Colour Play 

The colours of the window furnishings play a crucial role in setting the overall mood of the space. Make sure the colour is not clashing with the aesthetics of the interiors and opt for a matching palette. You can also get custom window furnishing to maintain the harmony of the room.  

Some people also match the colour of their wallpaper and curtains for a fully enveloped aesthetic. This gives a chic yet modern charm to the room. 

Living and dining rooms are more of a common space while the bedroom is private and one should be mindful of this factor while picking the colour of your soft furnishing. Neutral colours including yellow, beige, and taupe give an illusion of broader living space. 

The right combination of soft furnishing with hard furniture can alter the space completely. There are thousands of options at your disposal. You can also go for custom made soft furnishings if you are looking for something unique. After all, your home exudes your individuality and charm. So let your home decor encapsulate your personality perfectly.