When you think about building backlinks, the image that comes to mind is probably one of someone doing extensive outreach to find external websites.

While external backlinks on relevant, high-quality websites are essential to your SEO, internal backlinks are also crucial.

Internal backlinks are links back to other pages on the same website. They offer a variety of benefits to site owners, including increasing traffic to your pages, bolstering the website user’s experience and helping search engine algorithms to understand the relevance and purpose of your site’s pages.

So, as you can see, internal backlinks are a vital part of your SEO strategy, but you need to make sure that you use them correctly.

One great thing about internal backlinks is that, unlike external backlinks, you have complete control over the anchor text used.

Anchor texts are the words that are hyperlinked and which, when clicked on, will transport the website user to their next online destination.

Using anchor texts properly is essential to ensuring the success of your SEO campaign and helping to improve your website’s online rankings and usability.

Whether you are considering using internal backlinks for the first time, or you want to optimise your existing site’s links, then we’re here to help.

Keep reading, and we’ll explore some of the ways that you can use anchor texts to your full advantage when building internal backlinks on your website.

Learn About The Types On Anchor Texts You Can Use

Before you start building backlinks, whether internal or external, you must find out more about the types of anchor texts out there. There are many types of anchor texts, including branded anchor texts which use the company name, which aren’t usually suitable for internal backlinking. Other types of anchor text, such as exact match or phrase match anchor text, might be more suitable for your internal backlinking strategy. Do your research on anchor texts before you begin considering building any type of backlinks so that you have all the facts at your disposal.

Exact Match Anchor Texts Work Well On Your Site

Once you know about the types of anchor texts, you can start to work out which ones will work well for your site content. Exact match anchor texts, which are the same as your target keywords, work well for internal backlinks, as this article on how to use anchor texts from an expert link building agency explains. As such, you can consider using exact match anchor texts to bolster your SEO and show readers and search engine algorithms that you have strong expertise on your target topics.

Create A Varied Internal Backlink Profile

As with your external backlink profile, it’s important that you focus on diversity in your internal backlinks. That means using a variety of different types of anchor texts. While exact match anchor texts might work well for some internal backlinks, you shouldn’t use them exclusively. Instead, try to vary your anchor texts for your internal links, using a selection of different types. That’s because if Google’s algorithm notices that your site has lots of backlinks with the same or similar anchor texts, then it will think that your site is spammy, and this might affect your rankings.

Focus On The Reader

One of the key focuses for Google’s algorithms is the relevance of web pages and how they relate to the intention of the searcher. Therefore, a vital principle that SEOs and webmasters should focus on ensuring that readers know where they are going when they click on any anchor text, whether it’s for an internal backlink or an external one. So, if your link is to a blog post on a certain topic, you should consider a longer anchor text than if the link is to a product or service page. For those backlinks, you could consider a short, exact match anchor text, as most readers will know that this is where they are being directed. They would not expect to be sent to a blog post, so you should consider using a longer, more explanatory anchor text, such as ‘you can read more about X topic HERE’ for these backlinks.

Internal backlinks are a vital part of any business’s SEO strategy. Use this guide to improve your website and direct users and algorithms to relevant pages.