Email, calendars, contacts, and tasks can all be stored and managed with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is extremely popular among desktop email clients. Up until webmail became the norm, Microsoft Outlook was synonymous with business email. As emails developed and after technological improvements in email systems, Outlook gained notoriety for several reasons. Due to the increasing popularity of Unix-based systems, Outlook had to give up a significant amount of market share. In the article, we investigate the numerous reasons behind the declining popularity of MS Outlook during the past few years.

Re-Downloading Emails

The same emails would appear multiple times in Outlook, although they appeared only once in webmail like mostly show the error likes [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336]. This was a common issue with Outlook. Suddenly, some users would receive 20 or 30 times the usual amount of emails and notice that they were being duplicated. It is due to several reasons that this has been happening. A webmail account that exceeds quota malfunctions due to the client being unable to login. In this way, it keeps falsely stating that your mail has been downloaded.

The Outlook Window Hangs On Opening

An Outlook user profile that has been corrupted makes the application unusable. Inboxes or folders of any user cannot be accessed for long periods of time. If you are experiencing this problem, it may be because your profile is too full, or because Outlook suddenly terminated. A firewall or anti-virus may be interfering with the Outlook process. You may also encounter this error if you have an incompatible anti-virus installed.

Sending Mail Is An Indefinite Process

It can seem as though the mail being sent is taking forever for the sending status to update. As a result, this might not be the case; instead, it is an incorrect indication that is caused by corrupt Outlook core files. A reinstallation of Outlook or a configuration change may be required. Even though this issue is not extensively addressed online, it remains a source of concern, even though the exact reason is unknown. In most cases, System Administrators do not investigate the underlying cause of this issue and simply recommend reinstalling Outlook to avoid future problems.

The Maximum Mailbox Size Without Problems is 2 GB

The issue with Outlook is that it only stores up to 2 GB of mail efficiently. As discussed above, Outlook’s pst version is defaulted to using Unicode to store information. If you try to store two gigabytes of mail in a single file, Outlook behaves strangely. Outlook is in danger of being corrupted. All that’s left is to determine how large the file needs to be before Outlook becomes unresponsive. In this situation, Outlook might work perfectly up until 30 GB, but one fine day suddenly crash and corrupt user’s mail database or show error such as [pii_email_28dc65b73e084c7fdeb3]. An individual might suffer a huge loss if he or she has collected thousands of mails over the past few years.

Keep Getting Prompted For Password

When Outlook asks you for a password repeatedly without reason, this can be frustrating. Outlook can experience problems for a number of reasons, some of which aren’t even related to it. It is also possible that Outlook contains an inherent flaw that causes credentials to be messed up in the “User Vault”. As a result, Outlook won’t remember your passwords even if you have opted for Outlook to remember them. Also, Outlook may experience this issue when configured to connect to the mail server via a proxy server, preventing Outlook from communicating with the server. A firewall or anti-virus could also be responsible for this problem.