One of the most pressing issues in any business is figuring out how to coordinate workers without turning it into a giant micromanaged mess. This is nearly impossible if you’re trying to manage workers manually, but luckily there are tools available that can help!

One of those tools is a time card app that can passively monitor employees’ progress and prevent inefficiency from creeping into your workflow. How, you may be asking? Well, in this article, we’ll go over precisely that, along with the main benefits of using a time and attendance app.

Main Benefits Of Using A Time Card App

A time card app provides a convenient and easy way to track and log employees’ hours along with their productivity. This is especially important for companies with remote or off-site workers, who may not work from a centralized location.

Let’s look at some of the other benefits of using a time card app.

Monitor unproductive activities.

In addition to tracking time spent on productive tasks, a time tracking app can also track time wasted on unproductive activities. Every timekeeper app does this differently, but they all have the same goal in mind—to ensure that you know what your employees are doing while on the clock.

Some other applications will allow you to track employee time on social media sites and apps. They then automatically categorize this data and provide detailed reports on what workers were doing. Other time card apps can take screenshots, which you can review later to determine if employee are misusing their time on the clock.

Monitoring the time spent on unproductive tasks allows you to get ahead of these issues and prevent wasted hours on future projects.

Track employee hours in real-time.

Many companies use this tool to track their employees’ hours in real-time, so they know when someone is not taking their mandated breaks or is taking too long on a specific task. They can use this information to take action if needed, such as sending an email reminding them to stay on task or to take a break.

The data gathered by the time tracking system can also determine staffing levels. If you find that your workers waste time on unimportant tasks, you can send them home. Or, if you find your employees are struggling to keep up with their workload, more workers can be called in.

Reduce payroll processing errors.

A team time tracking app is an easy way to monitor an employee’s hours and improve payroll processes. Employees simply punch in and out throughout the pay period, and their work hours, along with any breaks, are automatically logged.

This data is then synced with payroll so managers can see exactly when an employee started their shift, how long they worked during that shift and the amount of money the worker earned during that time.

Not only does this ensure that you are paying your workers correctly, but it can help eliminate any potential labor law issues.

Comply with federal and state labor laws.

A time card app can track time and attendance, but more importantly, it can also store this information. This is essential to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which requires employers to keep accurate records of working hours for at least two years.

The time tracking data captured can be saved indefinitely and easily accessed by permitted parties from any internet-connected device in the event of an audit. 

Save time by automating time tracking.

Those that struggle with micromanagement know it can cause increased levels of stress, diminished creativity, and demotivation. Not to mention the significant amount of wasted time that could be better spent elsewhere. 

A time card application can help businesses better track the activities of their employees, so they don’t have to check in with them on their progress constantly. With this type of app, it’s easy to see exactly what each person is working on, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything.

Traditional time tracking processes were done manually with a pen and paper and then inputting the data into a spreadsheet. Manual time tracking is a pain, and we’re thankful that we live in the modern world where we can use any to track work hours via a time card app!