Over  334,712,903 people live in the USA, with more than 11.35 million illegal immigrants. While going to the USA is a dream for millions of people in the world, illegal immigration will bring nothing, then complications, difficulties, and problems with the law.

If you decide to travel to the USA, the best way to start your journey is to start consultation with a US immigration lawyer in London. Dealing with different cases, and knowing how to guide you in the US visa application, an immigration attorney will help you to reach your “American Dream” legally. (check out Solution In Law).

Types of US Visa

The application process for a US visa starts with what types of visa you should apply for, based on your reason for travelling to the USA. There are immigrant types and non-immigrant types of visas. If you are a foreign visitor, you should detect the main types of immigration visas, highlight the main differences of each visa, and find the best fit for your needs.

The improper choice of visa can be a major factor in denial. To re-apply again, you will have to wait over 6 months. 

US immigration law opens different pathways for foreigners to get a long-term US immigrant VISA. From a diversity lottery for immigrant visas(over 55.000 is selected in 2022)  to different U.S. immigrant visa types. Find out important things you should know about some of the common types: 

  • Employment Visas:

If you are a highly skilled foreign national and have a job offer to work for US employers, the most relevant visa type to apply for is an employment visa. The visa application process follows several steps:

  • Check out online and offline application options
  • Collect the necessary documentation from the employers (both current and previous)
  • Follow the application requirements and complete all the necessary documentation, and payment
  • Submit the supportive documents and you will get informed about the interview time and date.
  • Student Visas:

Foreigners who want to study in the US should follow a certain process for applying for a student visa. It is recommended to start the application process at least three months before, as it can take longer. Before applying for a student visa, it is recommended to consult with an immigration attorney, as students go through different stages when applying for a US visa.

  • Marriage Visas:

There are two types of Marriage Visas. The CR1 Marriage Visa and the IR1 Marriage Visa. For U.S. citizens that want to bring their foreign spouse to the United States, the U.S. offers a couple of different options and they are the CR1/ IR1 visa and the K1, K3 visa.

  • Business Visas:

When deciding on the various categories in the US business visa, you should be extra careful, as each category follows a certain application process. From investor visas to business-work options: each visa allows one to develop a certain business relationship within the US. If you meet work visa USA qualifications and succeed in filing petitions and visa applications, a business visa will open new opportunities.

  • Longtime-resident Green Cards:

Individuals who have physically lived in the US, both legally and illegally, since  January 1, 1972, can apply for a longtime-resident green card. To go through a special process called “registry”, they should meet several points.


There are other types of visas as well. The visa application process can bring complications. With extra-legal guidance provided by a qualified law firm will enhance your chances of successful application. A law firm ensures to bring a professional approach and detailed work. Statistics show that a major percentage of US visa applications are denied because of application errors.