It is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. Not only does it affect a person’s financial situation, but it also has negative emotional consequences.

These things do not stop people from swindling innocent or unsuspecting victims. Reports indicate that the United States has been victim to many scams, particularly with social media influence. Today, we will expose Urbandoll Scam to people.

Some Words about Urbandoll

We don’t know much about the victim of the scam. The Urbandoll is the name of a Twitter user who is also known as Bronzeandboujie on some of her social media accounts.

For many reasons, she has been controversial in the United States and has a large fan base on social media. Her accounts have been repeatedly suspended by the platform, causing her to be in the news. According to reports, she was also accused by the platform of catfishing and using photos of other users.

Information About Urbandoll Scam

Many accusations and discussions are thrown at the account user and account owner. Multiple pages are available online that expose the scams and real deals this user is involved in. The identity of the person behind this account is not known. Some claim that she initially claimed her name as Isabelle Martinez. She is involved in a scam involving giveaways.

Sources claim that she promised her followers exciting giveaways, but would then not deliver them. The Urbandoll Scam has been a common theme, with many people coming forward to tell the world that they were being cheated.

The scammer did not invent the scheme. She was previously associated with the best forever scam, where customers who bought from the company never received their money or products back.

The Outcome from the Mess

The data on this user shows that she was running a scam of bundles and giveaways for some time. Some people who bought from Urbandoll Scam received refunds, while others were left without an answer.

According to news reports, after continuing her scamming and catfishing, her account was suspended and she was sent to prison. Recently, she is seen to have escaped from the situation and is back on social media. She also had gastric bypass surgery according to an Instagram post.

Concluding Comments

All the information available online about the user shows that Urbandoll Scam is one of the most prolific scammers on the internet. It is not clear if she intended to do this or if it was just a random act of bad luck. One thing is certain, however: she has caused a lot of distress for many people.

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