The beauty industry has become a key industry, and we can’t get enough of it. The industry has made it easy for most of us to take care of ourselves better. There are products and services for the skin, hair, and nails. 

Because of the beauty industry, we can all look good whenever and however we want. We can enhance our looks and become more confident about our bodies.

Over time, the industry has evolved and we have seen different mind-blowing innovations. Salons are no longer just for hair and nails. You can now find eyebrow salons that attend to brows exclusively. 

For those who would rather go for natural looks, there are literally tons of products and services that serve that purpose. 

For instance, you can get natural-looking lashes and brows fixed for you. You can also get lace front wigs that look exactly like your natural hair. It just gets better.

Over the years we have seen some beauty trends come into the limelight. Some of these trends have come to stay. They have become a booming part of the industry and they won’t fade anytime soon. Let us analyze some of the uptrends in the beauty industry for 2022. 


Microblading is a trend in the beauty industry that gives brows definition and volume. It is a beauty process that involves the use of pigments to fill the eyebrow area for a fuller look. 

This trend has become so popular that any beauty enthusiast knows about it. Most celebrities use this technique to achieve full and well-shaped enviable brows. However, it is not meant for celebrities alone. 

This procedure should be done by professionals who will offer the best services. You can get this service in a brow studio, one of which is Olga brow studio. In an eyebrow salon, you get professional microblading services from trained brow artists. 

Microblading saves you some time from your daily makeup routine. It eliminates the stress of using brow pencils, tweezers, and concealers. You can have the perfect brows without having to do a thing. Microblading is also trendy because the results are long-lasting. Your brows can stay up to two years or more.

Also, microblading requires low-cost maintenance. You will need regular touch-ups, and the cost of maintaining your brows is significantly lower than the cost of getting a new one. It’s a win-win situation! 

Lash Extension

When it comes to getting fuller eyelashes, mascaras and false lashes aren’t the only options. Eyelash extensions in Dubai have become a better option. 

Eyelash extension is a beauty technique that involves the attachment of semi-permanent fibers to individual lashes. This gives the natural lashes a fuller, thicker, and darker look. For better results, get microblading alongside lash extension. You want your face looking all glammed up with fuller lashes and well-defined brows.

Lash extensions are also customizable, and you can get different curl patterns, lengths, and colors. You can also choose your preferred type of lashes. There are synthetic, human hair, horsehair, mink, silk fibers, etc.

Nail Artistry

Nail art is another uptrend in the beauty industry. Nail art has taken a new turn. It’s no longer just to make the nails look nice. With the current nail art trends, people can express themselves and showcase art with nails.

There are colors and patterns to choose from. Also, you can give your nails desired shapes and concepts. For instance, you can decide to do a Halloween or Christmas-themed design on your nails. You can paint your favorite fruits or show a slogan on your nails. With great nail designs, you can show off your nails and feel good about looking great.

Also, nails like press-on nails have become a hot trend. They are stylish, easy to wear, and affordable. In less than ten minutes, you can get them fixed, and you are good to go. Also, you can have them for as long as you want, and take them off easily.

Face Gem

Facial adornments have become a trend. Gemstones are no longer used for just jewelry and clothing. They have now become part of makeup today. 

These sparkly adornments are no longer only used for the runway or on special occasions. People can now wear them easily and as part of their daily look. Facial gems have become a means people use in expressing themselves.

Beauty brands have gone further to make easy DIY face gems that can be used by just anyone!

Double Winged Liner

We are used to single eyeliner makeup, but double-winged eyeliner is now the new trend.  It has been worn by some celebrities, and you should try it out too. The double-winged liner is trendy because it makes a statement. 

Using more than one liner allows you to play with eyeshadow colors. Also, by doubling or even tripling your liner, you can use different liner shades. However, it’s important that you understand color pairing for the best results.

Emphasis on Skincare

Currently, people have begun taking skincare more seriously. Beauty brands are flooding the market with skincare products as well. Everyone wants to exfoliate and get rid of blackheads and acne. 

Some people now prioritize skincare over makeup. They would rather have radiating skin than use heavy makeup to cover dark spots.

Also, this trend is not gender-specific because even the male folks want their skin to be radiant as well. Customers have become intentional with the products they use, and enquire about the ingredients. They opt more for natural products that won’t cause any harm to their skin.


The beauty industry trend is not static. Every year, new trends pop up. Sometimes the trends are not new and they are just reintroductions of older trends. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you keep up with the latest trends.  

Knowing the latest trends in the beauty industry will help you be updated as a beauty enthusiast or entrepreneur. No one wants to look normal when there are trends to enhance their look. With trends like microblading, lash extensions, and skincare, you are set and ready to slay all year round!