Whether your garage is used for storing tools or for storing your car and kids’ toys, functionality is crucial. If a garage is not as functional or useable as it could be, you will end up wasting space. Garages that are wasted and not fully utilized will often end up as dumping grounds – which you will want to avoid. Upgrading your garage with a targeted approach will help you get the most out of your space.

Start With a Decluttering Session

When you look at your garage at the moment, do you need everything that is stored there? Do you have duplicate tools? Are there kids’ toys that they have outgrown? If you are harboring too much stuff, you will struggle to see how you can use the space. A decluttering session will help you see just what you have (and, most importantly, what you need). When you declutter the garage, you need to be a little ruthless, because if you aren’t, you will end up keeping more than you throw out. Give yourself a couple of weeks to thoroughly declutter the whole of your garage. This extra time will give you time to declutter from top to bottom.

Invest in Organization Systems and Racks

Once you have had a good clear out and decluttering period, you then need to focus on organizing. To make sure your garage is both functional and useable, you need to be able to put your hand on items quickly and easily. Organizational racks and systems that are easily identifiable will help you utilize every inch of space you have – especially if you invest in systems that utilize wall space (and not just floor space).

Install the Correct Flooring

Garages can get dusty and dirty, and this can have an impact on how functional they are. If floors are concrete, they can often feel like they attract dust and dirt. One way that you can reduce dirt, and improve functionality at the same time is to install the correct flooring. You will find products such as interlocking tiles that will make your Garage flooring UK easy to clean and maintain. When you quickly brush and wash flooring, you save yourself time and hassle.

Check All the Electrics

Improving the electric and electrical systems within your garage can improve safety. When your garage feels safer, you will not be averse to spending more time there. As you are upgrading, you may also want to add additional sockets and switches. A garage with more electrical points and sockets may be more functional and useable.

Look at Adding InsulationLots of garages can be cold and damp, which can affect what you store and keep in there. To change this, you may want to look at adding insulation. Insulating the walls or adding insulation to the ceiling/roof area can make a garage space feel more useable – even if it is just being used for storage.