Many people had to push their weddings back due to the global pandemic and thus rescheduled their vows to 2022. If you have a bunch of weddings to attend this year, you may be looking for exciting gift ideas. A picture containing text, red, indoor, decorated

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Many couples provide suggestions or a registry, but for those who don’t give any guidance or for whom you really want to buy something quite different, it helps to think outside of the box. Here are some unusual wedding gift ideas. 

Custom Night Sky Map

A sweet, special option for the married couple to cherish forever is a custom night sky map. You can order them through artwork creators who will depict a map of the stars in the sky on the night of a particular date. You might, for instance, choose the wedding date or the night the pair met, or some other anniversary that is special to them, such as a child’s birth date. This gift provides a meaningful memento for the couple to look at and smile about, in addition to looking pretty on a wall. 

Consider other customized artworks if the star map isn’t quite the option you’re after. For instance, you could have a caricature drawn up of the pair or a paw-trait of their dog, cat, or other pet. You might arrange for an artist to put together a personalized map print with a pin on an address that means something to the newly married couple. For instance, you could provide the address of their wedding venue, the spot where the two got engaged, or the location of the home they’ve made together. 

Personalized Homewares

Another personalization option you can consider for a wedding gift is homewares. For example, you could buy some luxury wine glasses and have them engraved with the couple’s name and/or wedding date and pair this with a bottle of fine wine or champagne. Alternatively, get a custom wooden chopping board, platter, or decanter organized. 

If the happy couple are frequent travelers, you could buy them some personalized luggage tags with their names, wedding date, and other relevant details or images showcased. This is a fun yet practical gift that the pair can use straight away on their honeymoon. 

Silver or Gold Bars or Coins

An unusual wedding gift idea that the couple joining forces would likely never expect is an investment piece such as a 5 oz silver bar or a valuable gold coin, or some other precious metal product. You can buy such items from verified mints, banks, and other resellers, but always do your research to ensure you’re buying something genuine. If you purchase well, though, you could help to set up the couple’s financial future if the item(s) appreciate nicely over the coming years. 

An Interesting Subscription 

If you like the idea of giving a gift that keeps on giving, you could also purchase an interesting subscription for the newlyweds. For instance, you could have fresh flowers or produce, or fruit baskets delivered to them once a month for a year, or order them a book or magazine subscription or even seeds or other gardening items delivered to their door on multiple occasions. 

If the pair like to learn new things, a MasterClass subscription might be perfect, too. MasterClass is an online learning program where users gain access to tutorials and workbooks from inspiring leaders, artists, sportspeople, and other icons in their fields from around the world. 

Cooking or Mixology Lessons

If the couple you’re buying for love to cook or have yet to master the art, some handy culinary lessons might be just the thing to help them start their marriage off in wedded bliss. They can pick up helpful tips and techniques to cook for each other over the coming years or expand their repertoires, all while spending some quality time together. 

A similar option is mixology lessons. Send the newlyweds off to learn how to mix and concoct a variety of cocktails – some of which they’ll hopefully share with you at some stage! They might even take the opportunity to have some fun coming up with their own signature couple cocktail, which they can present to guests when hosting dinner parties. 

Some other unusual gift ideas you might consider buying include some large trees, outdoor furniture, or even a grill for the couple’s home, or a karaoke machine for vibrant get-togethers. You could buy them a practical fireproof safe to store their valued documents and possessions, or buy them a Costco membership, too, among other things. A picture containing food, beverage, close

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The list of creative presents you can choose from is long and varied, so think about your budget and the interests of the people you’re buying for. You’re sure to come up with some excellent options before you know it.